Candida Questions! Please help?

February 5th, 2014 by Emily
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Question: Candida Questions! Please help?
I am just wondering are any of the symptoms perminant? Can you get rid of this for good? How long does it take before the candida has taken over? Is it true that it can cause death?

(I have been reading about it and havn’t seemed to find the answers to these questions)
-Yes I will be speaking to a doctor, but until then I was wondering if any of my questions could be answered.

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Answer by Lauren
Candida can only cause death if you’re in some third world country with no access to foods that will help flush it from your system.

Candida is a bacterial fungus that lives in both men and women.

More specifically called Candida Albicans, this fungus thrives in the digestive tract (as well as the vagina in women) and lives in harmony with acidic bacteria called Acidophilus.

The acidophilus, being an acid regulates the Candida Albicans (a base).

When people consume certain foods like complex sugars, the Candida Albican multiply and change the equilibrium between the Candida and Acidophilus in the body.

Suddenly, the acidophilus can no longer regulate the outnumbering Candida.

This creates what is commonly known as Candida Overgrowth or a Yeast Infection.

Symptoms include (for vaginal infections):
- thick cottage like discharge
- digestive troubles
- burning
- painful urination
- itching
- bleeding
- soreness

A Candida diet should consist of leafy greens, very tiny sugar, plenty of probiotics (found in yogurt and cottage cheese), drinking lots of water and intake plenty of fiber.

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