Candida Yeast Infection, causes Diabetes?

February 1st, 2011 by Emily

Question: Candida Yeast Infection, causes Diabetes?
Is it true that Candida Yeast Infection causes Diabetes?

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Answer by wonderwoman
its the other way around…diabetes can lower the defense the body has against bacteria, fungus, ect. candida is a fungus that is normal in certain amounts, but if your body gets too much in one area it can cause an infection such as yeast infection in women or oral candidiasis(thrush) which can occur in anyone.

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3 Comments on “Candida Yeast Infection, causes Diabetes?”

  1. N says:

    Diabetics are considered to be immunocompromised (especially if not properly controlled) so they are more susceptible to infections. Chronic yeast infections are a symptom of diabetes it does not cause diabetes.

  2. iluvbirds25 says:

    No. Many people with diabetes get Candida problems. I used to work in a urinalysis lab. A large percentage of the urine’s that were positive for glucose showed Candida under microscopic analysis.

  3. bored0099 says:

    No but, diabetics are more prone to it. Before I was diagnosed, I got more yeast infections than the normal person.

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