Clitoris inflamed a poster on the infection? N yeast?

February 10th, 2013 by Emily

question? clitoris inflamed a sign on the infection? Yeast n I think you might have an infection? n yeast. I have all the other signs. Also I n I have a clitoris swollen. It is very itchy and painful. No I have an STD because I’m a virgin. I thought I masturbate. ? Guests may? With my clitoris with COMEZ? N inflammation? N it can also be a sign of an infection? Fungal No Greatest Answer :

Answer is No exactly one s? symptom, but if rubbed and picaz? n infection caused by? n yeast (or any other type of irritation? n) is converted? in swollen and sore. S? I might have an irritation? Masturbation general n? N. If est? using objects strange or not you receive hands? n washed, it is doable to obtain small part as? particles or dirt or whatever inside the vagina and underneath the hood of her clitoris to give? rise to irritation? n. If you have an infection? Yeast No, there will be? one secretion? n thick white and smell bad. If you do not have these two s? Symptoms, try washing with soap? N and warm water a tiny m? Sa often than normal for pr? Ximos day as. Do not rub or place harsh soaps all? because that s? what cause? m? s irritation? ny excessive cleaning or douching can cause an infection? yeast also n? n.

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