Constant mouth problems? Thrush, chankers, fever blister etc. Why?

September 22nd, 2012 by Emily

Question: Constant mouth problems? Thrush, chankers, fever blister etc. Why?
Okay so ever since March where i had flu like symptoms, I have gotten thrush, after that went away I had four chankers in my mouth at once, then those started to go away and I got a gross fever blister. Now, a night after drinking I woke up with white painful covering on the sides of my tongue that moved to my cheek and now my cheeks hurt.
When I went to my school physician about thrush she brought up HIV and stated I should be tested, which I will be in the summer.
Is it doable that all these mouth problems are a sign there is something larger wrong with me?

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Answer by lolit
thrush , chancres , fever blisters are signs that you have infections or even allergic reactions . chancre might also indicate sexual transmitted disease like syphilis . you are having very low body resistance so that your body is reacting by means of these skin problems . get help from a physician for a doable evaluations and specific treatment

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