Could I have Candida overgrowth? I have weird symptoms…?

February 18th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Could I have Candida overgrowth? I have weird symptoms…?
To begin off with, I have been having strange symptoms that worsen with stress/depression, but are nonetheless symptoms I have rarely or never felt before. They started around last June, when I was place on Yaz birth control to regulate my periods (which were constant and never seemed to stop). I started to get panic attacks, and decided around October/November to stop taking the pill in case that was the cause. The panic attacks went away, but I began to get a feeling in my throat called “globus hystericus” (basically, my throat will either feel incredibly swollen or like there is something stuck inside, nothing cures it-neither sleep, nor diet, nor excersise-but there is NO pain). That feeling went away for a tiny bit but then returned around December/January, and then was replaced by horrible acid reflux/feelings of nausea/upset stomach. My physician place me on Prevacid for that, which seemed to cure it, until now, when all those symptoms began randomly coming back (especially the swollen throat feeling). I’ve gone back to having irregular menstrual cycles that usually consist of prolonged spotting, and I constantly have discharge. Sometimes when I eat, I feel like my stomach has trouble digesting and I just overall feel weird, like my stomach is “clogged” or something, even though there is usually no pain and I am constantly needing to use the restroom (if I move even five minutes too long, I feel overall sick inside). I also have trouble with tiredness/lack of concentration/mood swings, even though I think I’ve always been sort of like that, to an extent. My roommate has been telling me about Candida overgrowth, and I have a feeling that might be a cause of my symptoms, even though I don’t know for sure because I don’t really know whether the extent to which I feel this way is legit or psychological. I have been trying out the diet for around three days now, but I’m very small and I fear the “die off” symptoms might actually mean more harm than good for me, especially since I’m not sure if I really have it or not, even though I incredibly suspect that I do. As far as antibiotics go, I usually get a sinus infection at least twice a year, and have always been place on antibiotics for 1-2 weeks to cure it (it’s always worked). Last fall/winter, I unusually had three within only a few months and went on antibiotics as nothing else cured it. I really don’t trust physicians and I am a college student with limited resources, as far as seeing a natural doctor/being on meds goes. Can somebody please give me a tiny help? Thanks!

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Answer by Brooke
Yes it is go to the emergency room this is not a question that yahoo can help!!!!!!

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2 Comments on “Could I have Candida overgrowth? I have weird symptoms…?”

  1. jennalu says:

    why guess? see your doctor.

  2. Weise Ente says:

    There’s no such thing, so no.

    Candida overgrowth is an fictitious condition invented by alternative “medicine” practitioners to milk money off gullible people.

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