Could the 3-day Acne fast by Chris Gibson work?

November 8th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Could the 3-day Acne fast by Chris Gibson work?
I’m a 24 year old male whose tried everything except accutane. I’m from the UK and my GP wont grant me to see a derm or go on accutane because he states my acne isn’t too bad. Last year I tried the 3 day acne fast by chris gibson. It was challenging but i was willing to try anything to beat my acne which i have had for more than 10 years.

To be honest, I stuck to the diet intake apples and drinking water, even doing an enema each night for three days. At the end of the three days, I broke my diet by having a drink with some of my friends. Yes, i know i wasn’t supposed to but i didnn’t think that such a small thing could ruin everything if it was supposed to be the real trick. Anyways, the end result was that nothing happened. All i did was lose 7 pounds (which isn’t really a good thing because I’m a pretty skinny mortal and a hard gainer). I was really dissapointed because i felt that I was just going to have to live with acne until it got replaced by wrinkles. I went back on minocycline as prescribed by my GP and drank water. I have the type of acne which is a everlong rash paired with one or two pimples. Anyways, something interesting happend.

I was doing a university project and travelled to Sierra Leone in Africa for about a month. I forgot my medication and was thinking that I was going to suffer a serious break out. But suprisingly, even though I wasn’t taking pills or using some sort of a cleanser, my acne didn’t get particularly worse. I just had the same rash and occasional pimple. I don’t know if it was the change of diet, or type of food i was having there (i didn’t even fast), but for the first time in ten years, there was no desperate need to have acne pills or cleansers. I’ve been off any sort of cure for about a year now but I still have a rash and pimples here and there. I don’t have any particular diet but I’m planning one. You see, i started thinking, if my face doesn’t break out particularly bad when I’m off any sort of medication.

There must be some internal way of getting rid of this acne and rash permanently without using cleansers. Mind you, i’ve had the same rash for 10 years so my face has never been spotless. I read in a biography that Michael Jackson cleared his early-adult acne by going on a serious detox. The author stated that it was the reason he used to be extremly thin in the thriller days. Anywayays, even though the 3-day-acne diet detox didn’t do much for me. I’m considering going on it for again and sticking to some sort of a diet with tiny sugar. I also can’t insist that I’ll stick to a strict diet forver. Let’s be real, someone can’t stick to apples, no sugar and soda forever. I’m not saying that a regular diet won’t help, but most of my friends feast on ice-cream, sugars, meat and beers and remain practically spotless. I was wondering if the 3-day acne fast, paired with a regular diet clean of sugars and wheat is likely to help remove the root cause of my acne and clear this annoying rash once and for all. I wouldn’t mind if I had to do it like twice a year. Chris Gibson’s theory is that adult acne’s caused by candida.

It makes sense that there’s some sort of feature which is higher in a mortal with adult acne than one without adult acne because it seems we (acne-sufferers) are very sensitve to sugary foods where as other people can live off them without getting a pimple.

So to summarize, what I’m asking is after doing the 3 day acne fast and not getting satisfactory results the first time. Could it cure my adult acne from the source if i do it perhaps twice a year and stick to a relatively sugar-free diet for about a following the 3-day-apple and water detox?

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Answer by lovee33
If you search it on youtube, it will show real people with their successec and failures. So I really couldnt state if it works or not. Everyones skin is different, and reacts to things in different ways.

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