cu? l is the best way to deal with the problems of thrush?

February 13th, 2013 by Emily
natural cure for thrush by Plants
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question: cu? l is the best way to deal with the problems of candidiasis ? I am a woman of 39 years old and during the? Last 15 years m? Or less have been dealing with thrush. I’ve been to several doctorts on the same topic, but I received medications s? Has acted as a cure temprol because the problem always comes back. I’m not married so it can not be re-infection? n. Also I n I like? Namely whether natural or traditional remedies. please help, thrushedout.Mejor response: Response

thrush is usually in the mouth. If it’s an infection? N of yeast in? Vaginal area (which is the same), you need to speak a antimic? Tico spec? Fico determined by that agency. Adem? S, the yeast in any part of the body is extremely dif? Simple to get rid of (c environment? Lido yh? Medo). I can take several rounds of medicaci? N to remove the “bug”. Adem? S, az? Car, candy, yeast breads, etc “feeds” the body. To help equilibrium your body, consume yogurt each day to kill the yeast. Make? Sure the yogurt does not have az? Car-added and also? N states it has active cultures in it.

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3 Comments on “cu? l is the best way to deal with the problems of thrush?”

  1. kris says:

    Yoghurt is used in a lot of nursing homes for thrush in aged patients. Wherever the thrush is on the body it can be used( sounds yuk for certain places) and it is natural and works. It is the acidophilus in it that is the secret so make sure you buy the plain one with acidophilus.Don’t knock it till you have tried it. my spelling maybe different but i am an Aussie. good luck

  2. Aimee L says:

    Well, there are a lot of different ways things that cause it and ways to help it.

    1) Don’t wear silk under wear. It does not breath and makes bacteria build up.
    2) Don’t wear too tight pants.
    3) Do not wear wet swim suits for a long period of time
    4) Watch your diet. Research the foods that you should and should not eat.
    5) Use of antibiotics and some other medications, including birth control pills can cause it
    6) Significant change in the diet can cause it
    7) poor nutrition can cause it 8) diabetes can cause it
    9) pregnancy can cause it
    10) Some women get mild yeast infections towards the end of their menstrual periods, possibly in response to the body’s hormonal changes
    11) Sometimes hot, humid weather can make it easier for yeast infections to develop. And wearing layers of clothing in the winter that make you too warm indoors can also increase the likelihood of infection.
    12) Don’t use deodorant tampons and feminine deodorant sprays, especially if you feel an infection beginning.

    Bascially, anything that upset your body can make you have a yeast infection/thrush. You just have to be very careful and try to listen to your body. Eat right and keep your girl areas dry and clean. Also, you may or may not be going through pre-menopause. That is another thing that can upset the balance of your hormones.

    Hope this helps!

  3. sharmel says:

    Thrush isn’t something that people usually keep getting. It occurs when the natural flora that inhabit that particular moist membrane are knocked out of balance usually by the use of antibiotics taken for some other reason, or the persistent application of something else that is forcefully removing those natural organisms from one of those areas. Repetitive douching — flushing out the vaginal canal in an obscessive desire for “cleanliness” can create this problem for some women.

    The organism that manifests itself by all that white fungus we call Thrush, is normally held at bay by other “good organisms” that inhabit these moist body areas. However, kind of like a “garden weed” it has a habit of being able to survive when other organisms have been destroyed by antibiotics or bactericidal substances. Then with nothing else around to get in its way, it multiplies aggressively, and you have all the miserable symptoms that go along with Thrush infection.
    The doctor usually gives the patient one of the special preparations formulated to “neutralize” the Thrush organism without harming other important natural flora that are trying to make a comeback and restore that all-important balance. But this isn’t going to be successful if the patient continues doing what he or she may have been doing to create the problem in the first place.

    I don’t know whether you are excessively douching, or doing something that might have a similar effect. But I hope this might help to explain what could be causing it, if you are. Otherwise, I can only suggest that you see a doctor again and demand to have the whole thing more e xtensively investigated.

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