? Cu? L is the m? S safe and fast to cure yeast infections?

September 24th, 2013 by Emily
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Question:? Cu? l is the m? s innocuous and fast to cure yeast infections There are so many different things to cure the infection? n yeast but I was wondering if there is a way r? ask f? simple to cure once and for all! I’m going out tomorrow and is very irritating, as? that s I just want to get it over and done with. Any recommendations on c? Mo duty? Esto.Gracias go about :) Greatest answer:

cure drinking heavily if ar juice? BLUEBERRY

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3 Comments on “? Cu? L is the m? S safe and fast to cure yeast infections?”

  1. Oreo says:

    That what my g/f does of what Marie said and I think it helps clean we mens kidneys and tract by drinking a few glasses of it. The cheaper stuff at the dollar store for $2 works just fine.

  2. Tiffanie says:

    You can put a tampon in regular non flavored yogurt and put that in. Yogurt does MIRACLES for yeast infections, cranberry juice will only cleanse your urinary track and keep thatt healthy which won’t address your infection. After you notice a difference try eating yogurt every day or often to keep it from coming back. Try to avoid anything that will throw off the pH.

  3. C J says:


    To stop it from coming back:
    - Don’t use high pH (alkaline) body wash / soap, the fungus (yeast infection) likes alkaline but the skin’s natural pH is slightly acidic which will control the fungus. Us a pH balanced body wash like the ones for eczema
    - Keep everything down there dry (ie shower after exercising) – fungus likes warm damp environments so if you remove the damp you help control the fungus
    - Don’t wear polyester underwear, it doesn’t breathe so it makes you sweat (see above)
    - Don’t eat a lot of sugar, fungus loves sugar

    PS Cranberry juice is for a UTI, not for a fungal infection.

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