? Cu? L is the treatment for a dog with an infection? N o yeast? Do and cu? Them causes it?

May 16th, 2012 by Emily
yeast infection? n for the treatment of the dog

Question :? Cu? l is the treatment for a dog with an infection? n o yeast? do and cu? causes them to Greatest answer :

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My dog ??ten? to an infection? No yeast when led you? home from the breeder. The vet stated she COULD? To have been caused by water entering the or? Do. My dog ??has ears, as well? this is probably that it happened?. His infection? No yeast was bad, so clean your veterinarian or? Do and sent home with a few drops that I place in the ear all the d? As for 2 weeks. It aclar? very well and I had no problems since then, as I really see her or? two when you bath an.

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6 Comments on “? Cu? L is the treatment for a dog with an infection? N o yeast? Do and cu? Them causes it?”

  1. Rebel says:


    All you wanted to know.


    Again, best of luck,

  2. joanplus4dogs says:

    Here is a link for you. What causes, how to prevent & how to treat yeast infections:


    However the only way to know definitely what you are treating is with a vet visit with analysis of ear debris. They can have more than 1 type of infection & required different treatment & meds. Keeping your dog’s ears cleaned regularly & kept dry inside will help stop yeast infections from occurring.

  3. KoAussie says:

    Yeast grows in warm, moist environments and loves dog ears, and if the dog has a lot of ear wax or dirt, it is easier for moisture to stay trapped in the ear canal. Food allergies can also contribute to recurring yeast infections.

    Treatment includes cleaning out the ear and a round of medicinal drops or ointments which will need to be administered over a period of time. A confirmation that the infection is actually yeast based and not parasitic or bacterial in nature is a must before haphazardly treating the symptoms. Sometimes all of the aforementioned items can occur at once.

  4. ia_wytch says:

    Yeast infections in a dogs ear are usually caused by bacteria getting inside the ear. This is especially prone to dogs with floppy ears but all dogs can get this. Some times the dog is suffering from an allergic reaction to something he’s eaten or from a mite in the yard/grass. Here are some links you might want to check out for more information on Canine Ear Yeast Infections.

  5. Birddogger says:

    It can come from a couple things. If it’s a flop eared dog then their ears have to be cleaned regularly to avoid it as the humidity in their ears makes them susceptible to it naturally. If the ears aren’t cleaned regularly they will likely get one. A dog that goes in the water regularly can run a higher risk and should have it’s ears cleaned more frequently, in erect ears as well.

    Treatments are just basic antifungals. There’s several out there. Chlorahexidine is a popular one. I generally use earigant which is chlorine dioxide based but may be not be available in your area and a lot of them work just fine. Severe or chronic cases may require antibiotics.

  6. Sage says:


    I know exactly how you feel! I used to suffer from yeast infections constantly and no matter how many different creams and pills I tried it always came back :(

    I was so embarrassed by it that I couldn’t bare to keep going to the doctors. In the end I found this website on the internet which changed everything and made me feel myself again. If you want to take a look, it’s at http://www.QuickYeastInfectionCure.com

    Hope it works for u too!

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