? Cu? Much time it takes for an infection? No fungal / Candida to clarify?

June 11th, 2012 by Emily

Question:? Cu? Much time it takes for an infection? No fungal / Candida clarify I think that they might have, I’m not sure, but please? S some die? Ntomas.oh I am not sexually active and m? s to do with my digestive system instead of the? organs sexuales.Mejor response: Answer

by the King of Kensington
15 years.

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4 Comments on “? Cu? Much time it takes for an infection? No fungal / Candida to clarify?”

  1. Kim B says:

    It depends on the point of infiltration. Everyone has a latent candida infection, however candida is an opportunistic pathogenic fungus that only causes trouble when your habitable bacteria is low or your immune system is suppressed. It could clear up with fluconazole in 48 hours or you can use topical treatment. Just know that you probably won’t get it all.

  2. Andrea S says:

    this is one of those things that doesnt go away on its own…the monistat thing works wonders and it goes away in about three days…

  3. jenna says:

    If you aren’t sure and if you are sexually active, go to the doctor ASAP! Even if your bf or partner swears he hasn’t slept with anyone else ’cause he can carry something forever and not have symptoms. If you have never had sex, it is probably a yeast infection if you have a discharge. I REALLY RECOMMEND THE 3 DAY TREATMENT as opposed to the one day. You should see results after a day but keep using it every night! If it doesn’t go away, go to the doctor. If there is an odor, that’s a sign that it’s probably not a yeast infection as well. Are you on antibiotics at all? ‘Cause antibiotics can cause yeast infections (everytime I take them, I get one!). ARE YOU SURE IT’S NOT AN URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS? SYMPTOMS CAN BE SIMILAR! There is a test that they sell at the drugstore to tell if is, I’d try that. Irregardless, if you are atleast 13, you should be seeing a gynocologist yearly so it wouldn’t hurt to schedule an appointment to make sure everything is okay. And if you can’t afford it, consider Planned Parenthood, they are fairly reasonable! REMEMBER, IF YOU ARE SEXUALLY ACTIVE AND SOME OF THE SYMPTOMS ARE STILL THERE (AS YOU PUT IT), I AM VERY CONCERNED IT MAY BE A STD! STDs can be sooo serious and they are sooo curable nowadays so take care of it ASAP! Good luck and I’m glad people aren’t embarrased to ask questions like these! Just remember, that your best advice is always from a MD or a nurse practicioner in person!

  4. task_80 says:

    it all depends on the treatment, it could be up to a week

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