? Cu? Much time will it take for thrush to clarify one or? Or?

November 25th, 2011 by Emily

Question:? Cu? Much time will it take for thrush to clarify in a no? Or ? L do not have evil is s? It on your tongue. The m? Physician prescribed? Nystatin, but I see no ning? No result and has been nine days they take since the medcine. I give you something more? S of time. Adem? S,? C? How a baby? have thrush? He states the children normal? Greatest answer: Answer

autumn leaves? Or
is normal and causes no ning? N serious problem … should disappear in 1 to 2 weeks, how I remember from my baby? s. ..

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8 Comments on “? Cu? Much time will it take for thrush to clarify one or? Or?”

  1. amosunknown says:

    thrush is caused by unclean conditions, such as bottles that arent sterile before use, water thats unclean or impure, or a home that is unclean causing an unclean baby.

    Generally though its caused by unclean bottles bought from the store and not properly sterlized before the initial use.

    You should call your doctor and let them know that nothing is changing. With most infections you should see some sort of improvement in at least five days, if not sooner, when medication is involved.

  2. peaches says:

    Something dirty went in your baby’s mouth. A dirty nipple,your fingers, his fingers, someone may have kissed your child on the mouth that had the virus. Many things, but Mainly Dirt. Unsanitary conditions. Look around. It happened on Your Watch!Take your child back to the doctor, this thrush should be cleared by now.

  3. momma2mingbu says:

    Are you breastfeeding?
    If so, BOTH of you need to be treated or you’ll just pass it back and forth.

  4. Rachel says:

    My daughter was given that and it cleared in about 2 or 3 days and hers was really bad. All over her mouth. You should definitely ask your doctor. did you boil your nipples and pacifiers? You could be accidentally reinfecting your baby.

  5. snowtiger30 says:

    Thrush is just a type of yeast infection…in the mouth. It is uncomfortable for the baby. It took my son about 5-6 days to completely clear up. I would go back to the doctor and see if there was a different medicine you could use that may be more effective on your son.

  6. Danni says:

    I just went through the same thing with my 2 month old, the doc says that they dont know how or why babies get thursh they just do but all thrush is is a yeast infection of the mouth, sounds yummy dont it…we had to give our son nysatin 1ml pure cheek 5x a day, it took us about 2 weeks for his to go away. you also need to make sure that you are washing all nipples after each feeeding and if the baby has a pacifier you need to make sure you wash that often too…if you notice that the thrush is starting to bother your baby and he doesnt want to eat then make sure you bring him straight to a doc…good luck

  7. skbonnevie says:

    try using Gentian Violet. It will turn your baby’s mouth purple like a crayola marker, but that stuff works a lot faster than the Nyastin stuff the ped’s prescribe. If you’re breastfeeding, you should put the GV on your nipples too. Careful it stains!!

  8. sweet_n_sassy_angel_princess says:

    Thrush is normal in infants. It will probley take at least two weeks for it to clear up but if it don’t take your baby back to the doctor and he will get some more medicine for it.

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