? Cu? Much time you have to wait to have sex AFTER? S using a treatment of infection? N yeast over-the-counter?

January 5th, 2014 by Emily
yeast infections treatments by emkeller

Ask :? Cu nto long to move to have AFTER sex s using a treatment of infection n yeast over-the-counter I was reading the instructions for treatment 3 d as the infection?? No yeast and states having sex while using this treatment, and that could? da? cond ar? n, as? ? I was wondering if anyone knew a cu nt long to move AFTER s you have used during the three d ace, or if you can not have sex while use Greatest answer:?

ten? with this same question haha ??…. as? who calls? and was told that t? technically your not supposed to have sex while her ACTUALLY IN YOUR VAGINA as? AFTER that? s place it all? is not? s supposed to, but for best results and to ensure that it works, they state move 2-3 d? ace AFTER? s you have finished? last dose before having sex s? him to be sure that the infection has been cured? n not to infect yourself. Good luck and hope this helps :)

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2 Comments on “? Cu? Much time you have to wait to have sex AFTER? S using a treatment of infection? N yeast over-the-counter?”

  1. yannijcc says:

    u have to wait at less 72 hours if u don’t u can transmit the infection.and re,I.F again wish and can cus u more damage. I wish u luck on your diction

  2. cirkdone says:

    You MUST get a proper diagnosis from a doctor and also MUST wait until a doctor, having examined you, pronounces the yeast infection as fully cured.

    If you have sex whilst still harbouring any of the infection (which may have no symptoms and hence make you think you are cured) you WILL pass it on to your partner.

    Failure to wait until BOTH partners are pronounced by a doctor to be cured and free of any infection simply causes the infection to ‘ping pong’ back and forth between the partners.

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