? Cu? Nts to? Os you have to buy a trav? S of cream yeast infection? N counter?

September 26th, 2012 by Emily
infection? n cream yeast by Plants
Vietnam and U.S. plants

asked: What? old do you have to purchase a trav? s of cream yeast infection? n counter I have 16 years old and I think I have an infection? n vaginal Guests may? to have had for a few months. Hate trips gynecologist? Logo and my mom always has to accompany me? Ar. I comprehend it is important to share things with your mother, but I do not feel c? Way with this. I like? Try a Antif? Ngico on the counter cream to cure my infection? N yeast. ? You have to be 18 years to purchase the cream m? Dica in Pennsylvania Greatest Answer : Response

not wise to try to enjoy without being properly diagnosed. I comprehend that you do not want to go to the physician, but s? you need to know for sure if you have an infection? n fungal or something else before going self-medicating. Even OTC creams have effects secundarios.Dile your mam? you think you might have an infection? n yeast. Conf? With in m?, She knows m? S that you do, as well? not feel avergonzado.Usted creams can purchase in any supermarket or drugstore without restriction? n old.

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