? Cu? Them are good ways to cure internal yeast infections in the baby? S?

September 22nd, 2013 by Emily

Question:? Cu? them are good ways to cure internal yeast infections at children My 18 month old daughter had an infection? n yeast in? area of ??pa? when about two months. Ten? With making the-counter medications? L, and have not had m? S problems with him, or that cre? For me …. Resently it has come to my attention that you might have an infection? Internal n. She has been having whitish stools (Kinda looks like she has been the infirmary to, but who has not) She has serious problems with diarea, and a runny nose continuously. So, if anyone has any ideas to cure naturally, that is appreciated! Greatest answer:

Only a physician can give you medicine for that.

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4 Comments on “? Cu? Them are good ways to cure internal yeast infections in the baby? S?”

  1. SUzyQ says:

    For a small child ?….go to a DR., do not pass go, do not collect $200 !!

  2. chotpeper says:

    go to your doctor if she is having problems only a doctor can give profesonal help unlike a bunch of people who don’t now what the real problem is . a doctor has to diagnose the problem to find a cure and at 18 month she sould not be getting a yeast infection , she may be diabetic

  3. Buzz s says:

    I would suggest yogurt if your daughter can have milk. If not, then the lactobacillus tablets opened into pudding or something to give it some better taste and a way for her to swallow the lactobacillus.
    Either way, talk to a doctor and make sure you are on the right track. The medicine like nystatin is brutal on kids and is not usually prescribed lightly!

  4. sharon w says:

    Most OTC drugs are not for infants.Two months is too long to have your daughter suffering from diarrhea and rashes etc.Please take the baby to a Pediatrician ASAP,she need a anti fungal meds like Flagyl in oral suspension to cure this.This is serious condition and “natural” remedies will NOT cure this. SW RNP

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