? Cu? They are home remedies to get rid of an infection? N yeast?

July 2nd, 2013 by Emily

Question:? Cu? they are home remedies to get rid of an infection? yeast n one day? for my yeast occurred before? that ten? for sex with my boyfriend and we used a lot of ky ky jelly … can cause an infection? n yeast and cu? them are some home remedies Greatest answer:

if not take that kind of k again. And az? Automobile can make it … use wipes h? Medes are hipoalerg?? mechanics

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8 Comments on “? Cu? They are home remedies to get rid of an infection? N yeast?”

  1. Turd F says:

    I hear if you crumple up three slices of bread and get them moderately wet with luke warm water and insert it into your vagina that will draw out the yeast infection.

  2. active trader says:

    natural yoghurt,works every time

  3. tickled says:

    This website has a couple good ideas for your problem.


  4. flika says:

    Some experts do agree that the glycerin in KY jelly can encourage an over-growth of yeast in the vagina and this can result in a yeast infection, but that really is still debatable. So, so many things can trigger a yeast infection.

    There are several over-the-counter remedies for yeast infection that are very effective but if you are adamant about a “home remedy” the only one I would try personally is yogurt.

    Dip a tampon in “plain” yogurt and insert it/leave it. Repeat this 2-3 times a day until your symptoms disappear. The active ingredient in yogurt is “lactobacilus acidophilus” and it can be effective in treating yeast infections.

  5. Blue G says:

    Not sure about the ky but it’s very possible that it disturbed you body’s natural bacteria and caused it. No offense, but another possibility is that he passed it to you. Men CAN have it, not only from another girl but from poor diet..etc. Too much beer, sugar and startchy foods can cause it. The simplest thing is to eat yogurt or take lactobacilus acidophilus pills (at walgreens, cvs, etc) also, eat garlic or if you prefer take garlic pills as they don’t leave you with garlic breath.. These two in combination with rinsing with hydrogen peroxide or diluted vinegar will get rid of it fast. Don’t have sex for right now also, to avoid passing it to him.

  6. cowboydoc says:

    You and your BF have to be treated together, not separately or your just going to pass this back and forth forever. KY jel is O.K. if it doesn’t contact anything else and your hands are clean. If you once get this taken care of then be careful after this. Both of you wash real good and then eat yogurt twice a day, it will defoliate the yeast. Do not put it in the vagina like one suggested. And, do not put bread in the vagina like another suggested, it sounds like some people are trying to feed their vagina like a pet.

  7. Ron M says:

    Natural remedies for yeast infections are on the rise.
    Yeast infections affect the lives of many women around theworld. A yeast infection is a very common vaginal infection that presents with many unsettling symptoms. The best yeast infection treatment for you may be over-the-counter type remedies, natural cures, or prescriptions from your local doctor.
    If you have never been officially diagnosed with a yeast infection, it is important to be evaluated by a medical professional. This is simply because the symptoms of a yeast infection can be the same as other types of infections or even serious sexually transmitted diseases. The symptoms are varies but include a cottage cheese like discharge, itching, burning and an overall feeling of discomfort.
    While your doctor will likely give you a prescription to help heal the infection, it may not prove to be the best yeast infection treatment. This is because the medicine does not do anything to help clear recurrent infections and it may not get to the root of your problem. In these cases you may consider over-the-counter treatments that usually come in the form of vaginal suppositories. Remember that the 3 and 7 day kits tend to work better than ones that claim to heal your problem in as little as one dose.
    Some of the best natural treatments available include the use of yogurt and garlic. Eating them alone can help your body achieve a balance to help clear your infection. However, some have claimed that inserting them vaginally works also.
    L. acidophilus in liquid form also works well when taking an antibiotic. It can be found in any natural food store. Remember to never use any yogurt with flavor or added sugar because that could make the problem worse. Also, remember that even if you are using natural remedies you should still make sure that your doctor agrees with your treatment plan.
    If you have a yeast infection, you do not need to have the problem ruin your day. Take the proper steps to clear up your problem and you will feel better soon. Take heart in knowing that this is a problem that many women have to deal with from time to time and it is usually not anything serious. There is a best yeast infection treatment out there for you.
    Author: Kingsley A Aje
    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kingsley_A_Aje

  8. Greg S says:

    It was probably the ky jelly, it can destroy the good bacteria in the vagina the same way some douches do.

    You need to restore the normal balance of healthy bacteria to kill the yeast.

    The most popular and useful of the probiotics is Lactobacillus. Several forms of this “nice” bacterium can be used to treat yeast infections naturally.

    If you want to use Lactobacilli to treat your yeast infection, you have the option of using it as an oral supplement or as a vaginal suppository. Acidophilus, a member of the Lactobacilli family, is the key ingredient that makes yogurt work! With this in mind, it makes sense to eat plenty of yogurt when battling a raging yeast infection.

    If you need immediate relief, try using yogurt as a topical cream. Simply soak a tampon in unflavored yogurt that contains active cultures and insert it as usual. If you don’t wish to use a tampon, you can simply wipe the yogurt on with a finger.

    Tea Tree Oil and Other Treatment Options

    This oil is taken from the tea tree and has apparently helped with yeast infections. However, tea tree oil is too strong to use without first diluting it a good deal. There is some debate about the safety and value of tea tree oil when used in this fashion.

    Garlic cloves are well-known warriors in the fight against yeast infections. They can even be used as suppositories, provided the cloves are first wrapped in something soft and porous before being inserted.

    An old timer remedy is honey, just dab it on with your finger and can provide relief on contact.

    Also apple cider vinger diluted with water can be applied to relieve itching and kill the yeast.

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