? Cu? They are some of the m? S nice resonance and p? Jaros sound m? S annoying?

October 8th, 2013 by Emily
p? bird thrush
by nottsexminer

question :? Cu? they are some of the m? s nice sounding and p? jaros sound m? s annoying I like the p? jaros singers. But please, a list of birds that sound too upset. Greatest answer:

I found an interesting bird … at least I’ve heard and seen on television? n. Called the LYREBIRD, can mimic many sounds / songs and has an interesting way to attract a company? Ero. There is a youtube video? L. However, it might not be the type of p? Bird singing you seek.

? Qu? do you think? Answer below! [Viewing? N ReviewAZON = query "SearchQuery" = "p? Bird thrush" count = category? To "5" = p? Gina "All" = "1" sort = "default"]

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10 Comments on “? Cu? They are some of the m? S nice resonance and p? Jaros sound m? S annoying?”

  1. toos says:

    I find the sounds made by the tiny finches annoying– little beeping sounds, almost like something electronic. I like canaries, though.

    I love the sounds of loons, mourning doves, all owls, Canada geese in flight, cardinals, wrens, song sparrows, trumperter swans.

    A friend has a ring-necked dove — its “coo-coo” is okay for about half-an-hour, then it starts to annoy me.

    I love the quiet ‘talk’ of my cockatoos, and their laughter, and even their loud happy calls.

    The cawing of crows can be annoying if they are nearby and wake me up….but I usually sleep through it

    Some folks dislike the sounds of a flock of grackles, but I don’t mind it. And I love to hear the calls of hawks and eagles.

  2. anna says:

    Many birds from Central and South America have raucous, annoying cries more than songs. There are many websites that allow you to hear sample bird sounds, check a few out.

    My favourite is the blackbird. As another poster says, a ring-necked dove can get on your nerves after awhile.

  3. howie says:

    A cardinal is a cool song bird, but a peacock is on top of my list of most annoying! http://soundbible.com/tags-peacock.html

  4. Zarago says:

    It all depends on what you find nice and what you find annoying.

    Pleasant-Sounding Birds

    ~ European Robin
    ~ Woodpigeon

    Annoying-Sounding Birds

    ~ Peafowl
    ~ Chicken
    ~ Corvids

    There is the ‘Lyrebird’ which is the most amazing imitator of sound, you may watch if if you like:


    I hope this helps,


  5. Terry,JackofHearts says:

    Mocking birds can be annoying.
    I too like all the songbirds.

  6. NUTTYTART says:

    i like birds and i like the sounds they make from songs to chirping, the only sound i don’t like to hear is the sound a bird makes to keep predators like cats away from its nest, you can hear their anxiety . The sound doesn’t annoy me just worries me , usually i go out into the garden and whatever has been annoying the bird leaves . The sound of birds makes you know you are alive and have woke up to another day.

  7. ms bell says:

    Most pleasant are:
    most owls
    wood thrush
    european goldfinch

    I don’t find any birds too annoying.

  8. Scooter_the_squirrel_agent says:

    I don’t find many Birds sounds annoying. I always enjoyed the sounds of happy Parakeets.

  9. A J ❤'s her K-9 says:

    The Warbler, American Robin,Scarlet Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Baltimore Oriole
    Wood Thrush, Indigo Bunting ,Red-eyed Vireo,Tufted Titmouse, The Cardinal and The Mourning Dove are a few of the ones I find pleasant.
    I don’t care for the sounds from the catbirds or the killdeers and the screech owl makes my ears explode.
    Oh and one of my most favorite is the Kirkland Warbler, almost forgot that one.

  10. paisan_7 says:

    I love the sound of the skin crisping up on a nice turkey dinner in the oven. Turkey is a bird – right?
    For real now: I like hearing the crows on the wire outside. I like to hear morning doves.
    I do NOT like sparrows they start too early. Chickens sound nasty too

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