cure for chronic yeast infections?

June 23rd, 2012 by Emily

Question: cure for chronic yeast infections?
does anyone know of a feminine wash or pill not to just treat a yeast infection but to also prevent chronic yeast from coming back?

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Answer by oldtimekid2
Actually, washes can make chronic yeast infections worse, as can antibiotics. The main reason is because there are beneficial microorganisms (called probiotics) that are in both the intestinal tract and the vagina that help to maintain a healthy internal ecology. Simply put, that means that the probiotics help prevent yeast growth and/or buildup.
Anyway, the vaginal washes can wash out the bacteria (both good and bad) and the antibiotics kill most any bacteria in the body (again, both good and bad bacteria).

I’ve talked to many women that had yeast infections on a normal basis that started taking a good calibre probiotic and the occurrence of yeast infections dropped dramatically. Good luck!

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3 Comments on “cure for chronic yeast infections?”

  1. Ellie K says:

    drink cranberry juice! really it does work!

  2. 66/40 says:

    eat some good yogurt everyday and or take some probiotics and lay off any antibiotics if possible here are some good websites you can look up… and and

  3. lilprincesstif says:

    You can find online a way to use tea tree oil as a feminine wash. or you can use what my mom uses its called acidophilus its sold in most pharmacies and healthfood stores. or another option is garlic pills or cranberry pills. I take cranberry pills for chronic kidney infections trust me they work well.

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