Cure for yeast infection?

April 13th, 2014 by Emily
home yeast infection cure
by PraveenbenK

Question: Cure for yeast infection?
i want to use something at home and not purchase any medications.
i heard that yogurt would help but DOES IT HAVE TO BE PLAIN? or it can be any, just asking
i also heard that to treat is you can use garlic but do you use the GARLIC PEEL [like peeling the garlic were there is white]or do you use something else?
also that you have to drink a lot of water so do you have to only drink PLAIN WATER or ANY like lemonade.
just asking cause i think i have the infection but i am not sure and i think previously when i was tiny i use to have this too an my mother tells me to place AVEENO [ i think thats how you spell it] in hot water in my bath and stay in until the water is cooler then get out. it worked but i am not sure if it is the yeast infection.
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by Chahiro
It doesn’t have to be plain yogurt.

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9 Comments on “Cure for yeast infection?”

  1. Dani D says:

    try cranberry juice?

  2. gigi says:

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  3. Johnnycakes27and1/2 says:

    There’s no cure. You’re done for. Oh mannnn oh man oh man ahhh oh man

  4. Old fashioned says:

    Yogurt works best, and NO it doesn’t have to be plain yogurt..

  5. zolboo8 says:

    go to a doctor breh .

    and she’ll probably tell you to drink water and eat yogurt and use clean underwear and wear pantyliners anddddd might prescribe a antibiotic to help heal it from your insides and such.

  6. lubylicious says:

    im guessing your either a) to embarresed to go buy monostat or b) it religious. go buy monostat or it wont clear and get worse and you’ll end up at the gyno

  7. Rebekah K says:

    Why don’t you want to buy the medication? It’s not like they check ID or something. Just take care of it.

  8. stingme says:

    You can try acidophilus tablets which are available in the health food stores to try and correct the imbalance of good flora and bad flora. Also you can eat yogurt that has live acidophilus in it. If you have had a yeast infection that was diagnosed by a doctor, then you know what that is like. Don’t asssume it is a yeast infection unless you have symptoms like white discharge and vaginal burning.

  9. Zoe says:

    Yeast infections are just annoying to have. Yeast infections are caused by fungus found on the skin, and other parts of the body. A few of the symptoms of a yeast infection include a thick, odorless whitish vaginal discharge and uncontrollable itching and burning and a burning sensation when urinating. If you are taking antibiotics call you doctor and she will prescribe a medication that you can take for 2 days and it will clear it up. Go to Walmart and buy some Epsom salts and soak in a warm bath and crotch in the tub as well. Also, buy a vinegar douche. Eat lots of yogurt that has the most L. Acidophilus in it. You can buy Pearls a probiotic pill to take everyday to prevent one or just eat yogurt regularly. Plain cranberry juice, but not the sweet kind and drink lots of water. Vaginal Suppositories and I’ve never tried this but, try garlic vaginal suppositories by peeling a clove garlic and wrapping a piece of gauze around the garlic. The thin type of gauze is best to use for this process. Fold the gauze in half to form what would look like a tampon. Insert the garlic, vaginal suppository inside the vaginal area. Remove the suppository every 3 or 5 hours and insert a new one. Repeat the process for about 3 to 5 days or until the infection is gone.
    One more thing, if you’re sexually active you need to remember that a women needs to “try” to go to the restroom (pee) after intercourse to prevent yeast infections.

    Remember catch the infection early before it gets much worse and causes extreme discomfort.

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