Do i have uti or a bladder infection quick question easy 10 please answer!?

May 14th, 2014 by Emily
by danielle_blue

Question: Do i have uti or a bladder infection swift question simple 10 please answer!?
So I have this toilett cleaner stuff that goes on the insides of your toilett and like its that gel stuff that with each flush the water gets kinda bubbly. So I peed the other day and I noticed white paricles in my toilett after I peed.and I got really scared and freaked out could this be uti or a bladder infection… I never burn while I pee the only time I had a similar sympton was when I had held my pee from like 4 to 10 or so and I was just sittin up on playing on my computer and I burned AFTER I peed for like a min or 2 wasn’t major or anything just enough for me to notice. Also I think I’m constipated I have to strain to poop and whenever I do its really chunky and thick and dry and I have to force it out….. is those white particles normal,is it from that toilet stuff, do I have uti,and should I be concerned…I’m a virgin so it can’t be a std and I had a yeast infection about 2 months ago going on 3 I already have a dr appt setup for two weeks I just wanna get an theory of what I’m going to hear.

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