Do you have a preference of yeast infection medication?

January 6th, 2013 by Emily

Question: Do you have a preference of yeast infection medication?
There are basically 2 treatments of yeast infections that i know of: the Diflucan one dose pill and the Monistat insertion ovules. I was wondering if anybody has a certain preference because it works better. If you like the Monistat, do you like the one day dose, or the 3 day dose? I currently have a yeast infection and my physician gave me a prescription for the Diflucan, but i couldn’t afford to purchase it til i get paid Friday. so i purchased the single dose Monistat and it doesn’t seem that it worked.

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Answer by NAN bippie
Monistat 3 day, but I have learned that plain yogurt works well too.

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2 Comments on “Do you have a preference of yeast infection medication?”

  1. Aishi. says:

    When I get a yeast infection, I used the Monistat 7 day treatment. The one day and 3 days just don’t cover it. Get the 7 days and you’ll be fine.

  2. canada_winnipeg_man says:

    Yeast infections don’t go away easily; its one of the most annoying medical conditions one can have with numerous symptoms. Its difficult to treat since there is no universal candida yeast infection cure that works for everyone. Combine that with the fact that majority of people are looking for herbal, all natural treatments, and you are left with very few over the counter options.

    One over the counter treatment for candida yeast infection that has become popular lately is Yeastrol. If you have never heard of a Yeastrol, here is a short intro.

    Its an natural homeopathic relief formula which has shown to be very effective but a long term treatment approach is needed to get cured of yeast infection. Yeastrol works for mild & severe oral, penile, or vaginal yeast infection.

    Which Medications to avoid:

    An important thing that needs your attention if you are looking for male or female yeast infection treatment is that there are many products in the market claiming cure in hours or days. Avoid such marketing pitches, at most these claimed yeast infection cures can relieve you of your symptoms for a short period of time. And sooner than later Candida yeast infection returns with more severe symptoms or signs.

    You may recognize a useless otc treatment for yeast infection by its boasts of being a natural yeast infection cure. There is no yeast infection medication currently available that is able to cure yeast infection in days. Cure for yeast infection is only possible with long term treatment which kills the root cause i.e. Candida Albicans.

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