Do you know of any home made remedies for vaginal thrush?

February 12th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Do you know of any home prefabricated remedies for vaginal thrush?
Please don’t answer this if your just gonna say: go to the physician and get what ever blah blah.

I have thrush and I was wondering if there’s a way to treat myself for it at home.
I would rather do this than see a physician because it’s slightly embarrasing.

and I wanna try everything I can before buying Diflucan one and etc.

Thanks all.

Best answer:

Answer by Joseph P
Douche with a mixture of warm water and vinegar. No soap.

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5 Comments on “Do you know of any home made remedies for vaginal thrush?”

  1. Jo says:

    I am in Australia, but you can buy over the counter products here, which is what I have done, and it works. No need to see a doctor.

    However, live yoghurt is supposed to work (so I have heard). Never done it myself, but apparently it works!! Someone else here may be able to advise better on this one.

  2. caddy says:

    Not really. may a salt bath. but i’ll tell you this.i suffer alot from thrush and it just keeps coming back again and again. The only way to treat it so it is GONE for good, is by diflucan one or a visit to the doctor. It can be a little embarrassing but so what? would you rather be in pain? the doctor see’s it all the time. Home remedies won’t treat it for good.

  3. Catastrophic__KiddX says:

    Yeah I’ve heard to have a bath with salt in it because it kills the infection or something.

    Diflucan one I’ve heard is good and it’s not too expensive and you don’t need a prescription so no embarrassing visits to the doctor.

    and yeah as the girl said above me home treatments don’t cure the problem they just temporarily get rid of it.

    Hope this helped you (:

  4. Fortuna says:

    The answer, as someone mentioned before, is live plain yougurt! I got rid of my thrush with this years ago and it’s never come back! I just carried the stuff around with me in a sealed pot and every time I’d had a wee and cleaned myself I would spread the yogurt on the affected areas. Ok, you do get a bit of a slight cheesy smell as the day wears on, but it’s not too bad and I think I only used the one pot – gotta be LIVE yogurt though! Good luck!

  5. barefoot_dragonfly says:

    Yogurt. Take it both internally and externally. Find a good, natural brand with an expiration date that is some ways away (the farther it is the fresher the yogurt is), and dip a tampon into it (or your finger) to apply it to the walls of the vagina. Ask your health food store for recommendations on a good probiotic supplement that you can take internally to speed up the process.

    If this recurs you’ll want to speak with your naturopathic doctor for dietary changes, lifestyle changes and other natural health suggestions.

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