Does acidophilus prevent yeast infection?

January 30th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Does acidophilus prevent yeast infection?
I just got prescribed a round of antibiotics, and i’m susceptible to yeast infections as it is. I just purchased some acidophilus pills from walgreens, as i’ve heard it helps to prevent yeast. I’m also intake yogurt and taking AZO yeast to help prevent an infection with these antibiotics.

does it really help?

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Answer by Dio
Yes, but I was told by my natruopath that taking probiotis and antibiotics at the same time, is a wasted effort because the antibiotics kill everything and you are making the medicine work harder than it was intended, and it might miss some of the bad guys you are trying to kill. You have to move to finish the antibiotics before beginning and probiotic treatment, or it will not be effective. What you can do is help the antibiotic and kill yeast by intake minced fresh garlic in your food, at least a clove worth, each day during your antibiotic treatment. Then begin taking the probiotics once that is done.

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One Comment on “Does acidophilus prevent yeast infection?”

  1. Baby Gyrl says:

    Yes to some degree because antibiotics kill your good bacteria too which leads to yeast infections, so taking the acidophilus pills will help somewhat balance out your good bacteria that is lost through antibiotics.

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