Does anyone have good alternative treatments for yeast infections?

May 29th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Does anyone have good substitute treatments for yeast infections?
I’ve dealt with this my whole life on and off but now for the superior part of a year ive had a yeast infection i can’t shake comepletely. i’ve tried changing soap, detergent, i wear cotton underwear, consume yogurt, try to not groom too close, have had diabetes testing, and i can’t get rid of it. monistat and diflucan don’t do much. suggestions, please.

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Answer by S-J
sounds like you have an imbalance of yeast-candida. You would be best off talking to your physician to find out it there’s a more permanant solution.

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4 Comments on “Does anyone have good alternative treatments for yeast infections?”

  1. Kim S says:

    You better go see your gynocologist. It could be something else.

  2. curlygirlyjess says:

    This sounds really weird, but it works better than any other treatments I’ve tried. Buy plain yogurt, not vanilla or any other flavor, plain…and put some in your vagina. You can put it on the end of a tampon and insert it that way, and leave it over night before cleaning up. The bacteria in the active cultures in yogurt kills the bad bacteria that causes the infection. It’s uncomfortable but worth it.

  3. Snowbunny says:

    Get some medication – canestan is pretty good – you can get combination of oral and pessary, which attacks from two directions…if you are in a sexual relationship it is really important that your partner treats himself too, otherwise he will just reinfect you…also avoiding use of tampons may also help as you are not aiding to the breeding of the bacteria. Good Luck!

  4. luckyangels85 says:

    Curlygirl….. is right about the yogurt by the way. Its an old homeopathic remedy and it works everytime but you should see a doctor if the problem reaccures

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