Does eating mushrooms increase chances of developing a yeast infection in the gut?

March 30th, 2013 by Emily

Question: Does intake mushrooms increase chances of developing a yeast infection in the gut?
Yeast infections seem to arise from candida whereas most edible mushrooms are Agaricus. Do they play a role in yeast overgrowth? Is that role beneficial or harmful?

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Answer by lighthousecastle
Mushrooms are beneficial.

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5 Comments on “Does eating mushrooms increase chances of developing a yeast infection in the gut?”

  1. keeshia L says:


  2. nursekuba says:

    I read in a few places that yeast can feed on mushrooms, so it can lead to more yeast production.

  3. Mark says:

    I’ve read in several places that mushrooms should be avoided when trying to get rid of intestinal candidiasis. Of course the sugars are worse, and tougher to avoid!

  4. Boyet says:

    There are at least 2,000 edible mushrooms species on this planet (that includes the genus agaricus), others are non-edible and poisonous. Out of 2,000 edible species, 200 are under the red mushroom class that have medicinal properties. Out of these, only 6 red mushroom species are HIGHLY THERAPEUTIC. These species would not cause yeast infection, in fact, they have active elements that correct our body chemistry.

  5. frisbinator says:

    While mushrooms are deficient or possess only trace amount of vitamins and nutrients, they have been shown to be harmful to many types of bacteria. There is currently no evidence that implies whether or not Agaricus (many of which are edible, but not all) mushrooms play a role in the development of Canidida Albicans. However, although the exact mechanism is still unknown, studies have implied that edible fungi have a boosting effect on the immune system, which could have an indirect beneficial effect against a candida albicans infection.

    Also, I notice a lot of people are including somewhat questionable sources. Please be very wary of herbalist websites. Oftentimes, they cite information which has not been confirmed through scientific research.

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