Does gentian violet really work for thrush?

July 24th, 2012 by Emily
gentian violet thrush
by jon.hayes

Question: Does gentian violet really work for thrush?
my baby is on antibiotics which caused her to break out with thrush and so i am going to try gentian violet but does it work?

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Answer by Jerie F
I have no theory what that is. I’ve had one child with thrush (poor you) and they are miserable. Thrush is basically a yeast infection. I know it sounds gross but that’s what it is. They need a perscription to get rid of it.

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3 Comments on “Does gentian violet really work for thrush?”

  1. Toadsputum says:

    My baby has thrush right now. The Dr. prescribed her Nystatin. I heard genitian violet does work, but it is a pain because it stains everything purple. Baby seems to be getting better with the Dr.’s rx.

    Here’s a pic of the staining:

  2. Sally says:


  3. Tiffany J says:

    Gentian violet does work, but is recommended only for adults, not for children and especially not for infants.
    Thrush typically clears on its own and does not need to be treated. But if it persist for more than one to two weeks than measure can be taken. Such as wiping out the child’s mouth with a warm cloth, cleaning any pacifiers, nipples etc. (even your own if you are breastfeeding), also increasing the intake of yogurt can help resort the active agents that kill bacteria in the mouth.
    Here are a couple of web sites that have very good information based on your question:

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