does my daughter have thrush or is it the formula?

December 1st, 2011 by Emily

Question: does my daughter have thrush or is it the formula?
my nearly 1 month old daughter has white stuff all over in her mouth an lips and it doesnt seem to always be there and when i wipe it off it doesnt make her bleed…ive seen photos of thrush and it doesnt look like her mouth..and she isnt any different and is still eatinglike normal …

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Answer by Combat Medic Wife :)
Doesn’t sound like it.

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7 Comments on “does my daughter have thrush or is it the formula?”

  1. asrai says:

    Thrush has to scraped you can’t wipe it. Sounds like formula.

  2. K says:

    She doesn’t have thrush.

    With thrush, you wouldn’t be able to wipe off the white stuff. If you do manage to scrape it off you’ll notice very red, irritated areas and often blood.

  3. Charles K says:

    Then it’s probably NOT thrush. I’m sure it’s just formula. Thrush does not come off when wiped, it has to be scraped or scrubbed, and it will be bloody when it is scraped. We had the same concern with our baby boy, ad it wound up being nothing. One thing that we learned when our now 2-year old was an infant is that your pediatrician will not mind if you call them for anything and everything. It’s better to be safe than sorry and seek the guidance of professionals until you know better how to respond to such situations on your own.

    Now, get off of Yahoo! Answers, call your pediatrician and take care of your baby!

  4. allshookup says:

    my son has formula in his mouth all the time ive tried to wipe it away and it does so i know its not thrush.

  5. Natalie's Mommy says:

    It sounds like it’s just the formula. My daughter had the same thing, but with breast milk. I was wondering if it was thrush, too. The dr said it’s just her milk.

  6. konki says:

    My 10 week baby has white stuff all over in her mouth and tongue, it is formula

  7. Ash s says:

    if she ha thrush you wouldnt be able to wipe it away. just take a warm wash cloth and swish it around her mouth

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