Does putting yogurt in your vagina cure a yeast infection?

November 24th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Does putting yogurt in your vagina cure a yeast infection?
I personally think that would be stupid.
You really should only consume it.

But is there anyone out there who’s tried it?
I don’t have one.
I was asking out of curiosity.
Some retard on Myspace stated that putting yogurt in there will get rid of a yeast infection.
I was just wondering if anyone’s tried this and had it work for them.

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Answer by Lady Luck

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9 Comments on “Does putting yogurt in your vagina cure a yeast infection?”

  1. Ahmad F says:

    no, it really sounds stupid. you should use antifungal medicine instead

  2. MellyRose says:

    No it doesn’t. Though eating it could help prevent one. It contains acidophilus, which is a live culture that can help maintain the pH of the vagina and counteract the negative effects of antibiotics.

  3. [♥]LaLa. says:

    It is stupid.
    any yes, you should only eat it. (and i’m not talkin about the yogurt!)

  4. Maryn Bittner says:

    Yes, it works. It’s even had clinical trials, IIRC, when it was first brought to American attention via the book “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

    The bacteria in plain unsweetened yogurt chow down on the yeast infection bacteria, and the yogurt changes the pH of the vagina temporarily so it is no longer an able host to the yeast bacteria.

    Eating it won’t affect a yeast infection at all.

    This home remedy was quite popular in the days where no treatment for yeast infection was sold over the counter. Now, of course, women can buy other treatments if they choose to.

    I’ve never used it, but I’ve had friends who did. The discomfort of a yeast infection can be pretty bad, and if it flares up on a Friday night, you’ve got a whole weekend to scratch yourself bloody before you can possibly see your gynecologist.

    Or you can buy a carton of yogurt and some relief.

  5. Benny Suspendy says:

    I prefer whipped cream but to each his own

  6. tracie says:

    you should only eat natural yogurt but get a tablet of your doctor to insert inside which will help with the thrush,or go to the local chemist who will be very helpful & give you something to help

  7. VYPER117 says:


  8. carlovingbiodude says:

    if u put yogurt in ur vagina, how the hell are u gonna clean it out???
    its going to “go bad” in there and cause even MORE problems.

  9. sindysays says: should only eat it. And the yogurt too.



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