Doest oral thrush cause redness on the throat?

March 31st, 2011 by Emily
cause thrush
by Hiyashi Haka

Question: Doest oral thrush cause redness on the throat?
I think i got oral thrush but iam not sure, i have the while cottage chesse patches in my mouth and a weird taste, is the redness of the throat cause by thrush too?

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Answer by sharrona
Check with

Everytime I’ve seen thrush it was the cottage cheese………

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One Comment on “Doest oral thrush cause redness on the throat?”

  1. Ms K says:

    Yes. Both sound like thrush, the white spots can bleed also giving a red appearance.

    Do you use an inhalant for asthma or a bronchial infection, diabetes or an auto immune issue? If you use diskus type inhalants (Advair) or albuterol, make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly with water immediately after use and expectorate (spit it out, DON’T swallow it.) Rinsing usually reduces the chance of thrush from the asthma inhalant medications.

    There is medication for thrush, ask your doctor for the proper script for it. It can be very painful although I’ve never personally had it thankfully.

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