Dog Skin infection????

May 19th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Dog Skin infection????
Im asking for help not for an answer of ” go to a vet”
It seems my dog has some sort of skin rash break out. sides of mouth, front left upper leg, chest, and some parts around the vagina. for the past week my dog as been itching ever since it was near my other dog that was brought from another home. This “other dog” was suffering from the same thing. This other dog had hair loss in its paws my guess from scratching. now my dog is starting to scratch too. I have been thinking its mange or a yeast infection. i do not know. my dog does not have fleas.
Any methods of treating this?
My dog is not a mutt but thanks

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Answer by Vanity
Hair loss and intense itching can be an indication of mange. This would require a skin scraping and treatment at the veterinary office.

If you are reluctant to go the vet, give them a call instead and explain the symptoms. Based on what you tell them, they might ask you to bring the dogs in for an appointment or, if it’s possible, how to treat it yourself.

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3 Comments on “Dog Skin infection????”

  1. punis the deed not the Breed says:

    Well hunny I am sorry to tell you that you do need to go to a vet because it very well could be mange. everyone else is going to tell you to go to the vet as well. mange is contagious to other dogs. you need to bathe your dog and his bed and do some house cleaning. Pretend that your imaginary kid came home from school with lice….that type of cleaning Along with your dog seeing a vet. good luck to you and your “mangy mutt”

  2. Jhay Chiong says:

    Treatment of skin disease may include the use of antibiotics, antihistamines, steroids, topical drugs, antifungal drugs, medicated shampoos and rinses, dietary supplements, special diets and surgical removal of masses. Some therapies may take months to be effective and in some cases, it may be necessary to continue the therapy for the rest of your dog’s life.

  3. rawrbabeey_x says:

    hey there,
    my dog previously had a rash matching the dexcription of yours in all the same places. so i took her to the vet who told me it looked like an allergic reaction to a plant outside. it was easily treated with some tablets (:
    hope i helped.

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