ear mites or yeast infection?

March 30th, 2014 by Emily
ear yeast infection
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Question: ear mites or yeast infection?
I know I should take my dog to thew vet and she has an appointment for tuesday so I’m just trying to figure it out myself! How can I tell the difference in ear mites or a yeast infection?

She shakes her head a lot, like after you touch her ear and a few times an hour on her own. She hasn’t been scratching at it though. She has dark brown wax and fluid in the bottom of her ear. It is only one ear and we have another dog who it has not effected. I have heard ear mites are very contagious. My husband cleaned out her ear and he stated it was very stinky! Other than her head shaking she doesnt seem to notice.

So if you know anymore symptoms of either or if you could help out with home remedies to fix until the vet that would help!

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Answer by Shalori
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http://www.squidoo.com/earmites it seems to be a good site for that type of info to help you out.

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6 Comments on “ear mites or yeast infection?”

  1. Amy says:

    With out doing an ear cytology it would be hard to say but fi it was ear mites the dog would constantly itch the ears, but an yeast or bacteria or both would cause the head to be shaken and occasionally scratched at. Do not put anything in the ear if you are going to the vet because any test they need to run will be incorrect if you change what is really going on. If the head is being shaken watch of ear hematomas to form. This is when the vessel in the ear pina (flap) break causing a hematoma to form and can be fixed only by surgery or the ear cauliflowers

  2. joanplus4dogs says:

    Don’t use any products until vet has seen & taken a sample of discharge. They need to have a clean sample free from any of solutions. Ear mites are usually black crumby looking & not common in dogs. Infections & mites are both contagious to other dogs & can effect the other ear that isn’t showing signs. Just leave alone til vet sees & can diagnose the correct treatment.

  3. Disney Fan says:

    I have a Boxer and both of ears are the exact same way. That smell is something awful. I have taken him to the vet and they said it was an ear infection caused by ear mites. They sent me home with cleaner, ear drops and a powder that helps dry them up, I have to do this every day. They also gave me an antibiotic of Amoxicillan for 10 days. He will go several months and be fine and then it flairs up again. I have been dealing with this for 7 years, once he grew out of the puppy stage it started. Good luck I hope his ear gets better.

  4. Aquella says:

    That sounds like a yeast infection. Ear mites tend to produce dark, almost crumbly bits of buildup. In fact it’s dried blood. Yeast infections produce smelly, fluid that builds up in a lighter, more waxy way.
    Of course, you will want to confirm the diagnosis with your vet.
    If a yeast infection is confirmed, please research diet as a possible cause. I tried every medication on the market, none of which worked, before exploring the possibility of food allergies causing the yeast.
    Common yeast cousing ingredients include corn, wheat, and rice. I tried many foods before I found one that worked, but have now have a yeast infection free dog, which is fabulous for both her and me!
    Good luck.

  5. coastie501 says:

    It sounds more likely to be a general infection (which could require antibotic ear drops from your vet). This is also quite common with dogs with floppy or hairy ears as they do not get the airflow (especially when they love the water!!!) If earmites are the cause your vet can provide you with an ear cleaning solution which will kill the mites and clear up any infection. However knowing a dog will be a dog and get into almost any sort of mischeif – it could be irritated for an insect or even a grass seed.

  6. hoosier_badgirl says:

    The Vet will perform a swab test. Until then, it doesn’t sound like mite’s, it’s either an infection or allergies.

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