Foreskin Problem…Need Advice!!!?

February 4th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Foreskin Problem…Need Advice!!!?
hey im 20 and i have never had this happen to me before…but for the past week or so i have not been ready to retract my foreskin…my fiancee has been diognosed with thrush and we have had sex while she has had it…this obviously could be the case due do i have been having a slight pain whilst going to the toilet and when i have been ready to retract my forskin (mainly in the shower with heat n a form of lube) i have noticed the odd one or two lil red marks…i hav taken the pill tht cures thrush in 24hr (still waitin…slight inproovment) n i have searched the net for people with the same problem to find a pleasant way to deal with this but the more i look there have been other problems for men such as phimosis n tht can lead to circumcision so just as a procoursanary measure i would like some advise ( i will be booking a docters apointment soon).

Thanks to all who reply

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Answer by dr.tanvir
You might have infected with Thrush and the condition you describbed , we call it PHYMOSIS and it’s a indication of circumcision and you should do it. Unless you might suffer a lot. And before circumcision be sure that you are cured from any infection.

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3 Comments on “Foreskin Problem…Need Advice!!!?”

  1. magda a says:

    please seek medical advice, a urologist would be best, don’t try more home remedies. good luck

  2. GeoffB says:

    You both need treatment, probably a combination of pills and cream, as recommended by a pharmacist or doctor. Use condoms if you are still having sex despite the tightness. Cut down on sugar and starch for a while too, as this feeds the thrush. Thrush is the commonest cause of foreskins tightening up like yours. It only causes permanent problems if untreated for a while because tears develop in the foreskin, causing scarring and therefore difficulty in stretching. Scar tissue is not elastic, unlike normal foreskin tissue.
    See my stretching instructions for a bit more information.
    Stretching should only be attempted when all infections are cleared up but I think yours will loosen up again after clearing it up without the need to stretch.
    Don’t listen to calls for circumcision. That’s a very last resort, not a first option.

  3. mandyhornbeck1981 says:

    I agree with GeoffB but would like to add that taking probiotics can also help rid your body of yeast. Continue taking them for at least a few weeks after you’re through with the medication to help prevent a recurrence.

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