fungal infections?

November 22nd, 2011 by Emily

Question: yeast infections my physician told me I have an infection? No yeast. ? C? Mo contracts yeast infections? He quit? easily? Greatest answer: Answer

What happens inside your body, and s?, ot just your local supermarket and the section? No health have medicaci? n infetions easy yeart

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14 Comments on “fungal infections?”

  1. happy dude says:

    try gold bond.

  2. BryanEMcGolrick says:

    just hormones and stuff. Yeah, they have a one time use kit at the pharmacy.

  3. kelly-il says:

    It can be from a lot of things but I get them if I eat too much sugar. Mine have cleared up very easy by taking the prescription the dr. gave me.

  4. scooter says:

    I get them all the time…in my case when i eat too many sugary ,bread products or beer. When I take daily cranberry pills or eat a yogurt daily it keeps in check. Very easy to clear up!

  5. Rachel L says:

    You have natural yeast and bacteria in the vaginal area. Some times you can irritate that area by useing certain soaps or even wearing certain underwear. A lot of women are very succeptable to yeast infections and its really normal to get at least one. Very common. Men can also pass on yeast infections although they dont have any symptoms because their genitals are not moist like ours.

  6. Amanda L says:

    Yeast infections are caused when bacteria grow in warm moist places. My stepdaughter would get them along with diaper rash when she was a baby.

    Keep yourself clean and dry, take the meds your doctor gave you. When you’ve got a yeast infection, don’t use tampons (which make it worse) or have sex.

    You can get a yeast infection from sexual contact (men can carry the bacteria!), not being clean, gyms, or just being prone to them.

    Take care!

  7. Kathy A says:

    they just happen…sometimes because you have an autoimmune disease or you wear nylon panties or pantyhose too much…
    OTC Monistat usually clears it up in a wk….(unless you can’t use that stuff, in which case the Dr will give you something else…beware repeats though…some women have them a LOT..)

  8. Brandi says:

    these are questions you should have asked your DR. you should feel comfortable getting this information during your appt. yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of Candida albicans, a normal stomach yeast or fungus. Candida can grow out of control when the acid levels in the stomach or the vagina change. An estimated 70% of all women develop a yeast infection at least once in their lifetime–many have two or more.

    usually can be treated with antibiotic/cream for just a few days to a week.

  9. hiphopgirl101 says:

    Well you should continue to take medication for it or it won’t go away. On average I heard it clears up in a week or so. How do ppl get it … I have no idea, sorry.

  10. vrostar says:

    yeast are part of the natural microbiological flora of the body. when the balance is interrupted for example with the high sugar level in the blood the yeast grown. The infection clear easy generally with only 1 pill of difuclan

  11. Italia 27 says:

    They clear up with treatment, they have pills called diflucan and you only have to take one pill and you will be cured in about 3 days (depending on the severity of the infection) But taking the pill is much easier then the messy creams. Yeast infections have many causes the main cause is off setting your PH in the vaginal area causing the yeast that are naturally there to overpopulate. Check out the website I attached it pretty much tells you all you need to know.

  12. Kathie says:

    there are many ways to get them. you could have gotten it from a sexual partner, a tampon, just normal bacteria because it is moist dark and warm (bacteria love that).

    there is something that your Dr. can prescribe you, or you can go to wal mart or whatever phrmacy and get over the counter stuff. I recomend Monastat, it works good.

  13. fabian says:

    well you can get them yeast infections easly from haveing sex whith some one who got the yeast infection or if you have sex whith alot of different peaple then you could get one easily

  14. K. F says:

    Yeast occurs naturally in the vagina. Normally, other naturally occurring flora in the vagina keep the yeast in proper balance. However, the balance of flora might be decreased and allow the yeast to grow unchecked if a woman is diabetic, if she is taking steroids for some reason, or if she has been on antibiotics. Also, being on birth control pills could increase the chance of getting a yeast infection.

    You can easily treat a yeast infection with Canesten or Monistat (there are probably generic brands, too). You can find these in the pharmacy section at the grocery store. There is also a pill that you can take, but it requires a prescription. However, I don’t know which option is more expensive.

    Good luck!

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