Geographic tongue and thrush?

March 31st, 2012 by Emily

Question: Geographic tongue and thrush?
What are the causes of these two conditions in infants? Does anyone know of any herbal remedies to treat them?

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Answer by Halo…as in Angels have them
I don’t really know all of the causes. Thrush is basically an over abundance of yeast in our system. Good bacteria keep it in check. Sometimes it is because they were on antibiotics and it wiped out all of the good bacteria and the yeast took over.
I had two kids with Thrush. We ended up using “Baby-dophilus” which is just Lactobacillus…or Acidophilus, in a powder form. It was kind of the consistancy of moist powdered sugar. These good bacteria are in yogurt, etc.
You can get it at a health food store, herbal store, etc. You can also find it in capsules, and depending on how old your baby is, you can sprinkle it in juice or yogurt.

Good luck.

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