Good thrush treatments?

March 15th, 2014 by Emily
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Question: Good thrush treatments?
I’m nearly 14 weeks pregnant and I’ve treated thrush (vaginal) 3 times already with canasten duo (pessary and cream).

I get relief for a week or two and then it comes back…is there anything more effective than canesten duo? Or do I just have to deal with this horrible infection?

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Answer by mamma.austin
get a perscription from your gyno or doc

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2 Comments on “Good thrush treatments?”

  1. Blanketnz says:

    I found that using a pessary in 3 consecutive nights.
    Did you do that? Along with the cream also taking Acidophilus tablets which are very safe to take whilst pregnant. Make sure that you have a pot of live Bio cultured yogurt every day too.

    Some tips that can help you

    Avoid sugar and yeast, which aggravate thrush.
    Try unyeasted breads such as pitta and soda, and don’t eat yeast extract. Have raw garlic in salad dressings and dips, add it to food at the end of cooking, and try a tea called pau d’arco; both are natural anti-fungals. Boost your immune system by eating a good, clean diet with vegetables in abundance, get plenty of sleep and manage stress. Try using cold, plain live (‘bio’) yogurt topically; it is very soothing. Avoid scented soaps and bath products, thongs and tight clothes, and wear cotton underwear. Finally, if you have a partner he will need to be treated, too, usually with a cream.

    A cheaper and more natural alternative to Canastan is to dip a tampon in plain bio yogurt and insert it into your vagina (which I mention up top). I have tried this but just prefer a pessary, not as messy. But still works and fine when pregnant.

  2. Madisyn's Mommy says:

    thrush is in your mouth.

    do to your doc and get a prescription.

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