Has anyone tried this? What was your results?

August 21st, 2012 by Emily
natural cure for yeast infection com
by Vietnam Plants & USA plants

Question: Has anyone tried this? What was your results?


I’ve tried everything and when I state everything I mean everything I’ve changed physicians I’ve been through 50+ diflucan since October, I’ve tried herbal remediates, I’ve tried boric acid, you study it…I’ve changed my diet, I’ve been tested repeatively for everything imaginable, the physicians have pretty much stated they’ve done everything known to medicine with no results. I want to cry seriously I am over all a healthy mortal until this. I take grape seed extract, prenatal vitamins, garlic and pioboitic daily….cut out sugar and take Candex daily, been following a yeast free diet.

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Answer by Feather Xx
not tried it, and honestly the best thing to do is go see your dr and get some tested medicine.

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2 Comments on “Has anyone tried this? What was your results?”

  1. cassi says:

    im sorry and i have been in your shoes recently as well. but i made two changes that seem to really help and been two months free yay! i know it doesnt sound like a big deal but im sure you would love that feeling right now. it sounds stupid but cotton underwear with a white crotch. seiously no underwear thats silky or lacy cotton underwear with only a white liner. and also with that wearing a panty liner that seems to help with locking away moisture. hope this helps

  2. Ken says:

    Hi HappilyMarried,

    First relax and know there is always a cure. With the link you have provided I don’t see anything special about it other than clever marketing to feed on other peoples worry. Don’t buy anything from them would be my recommendation for you. Second, it’s good to know that you have brought change to your diet. I am guessing since you have an infection you are currently avoiding the following foods:

    Foods to Avoid:

    1. Sugar, refined and simple sugars
    2. Wheat and rye
    3. Milk and cheese
    4. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages
    5. Potatoes
    6. Honey
    7. Mushrooms
    8. Vinegars
    9. All refined carbs

    Third, are you consuming lots of leafy green veg’s? if not you need to. Infect for the next 7 day’s that’s all you should do so you can starve the candida (yeast). By only eating leafy greens your body will be alkalinized which will cause the candida to die-off. Also during this period of them I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself the following:

    1. Get organic coconut oil which cost about $5-7 dollars from a health food store and take 2 tablespoons of it every morning. It will help give relief from the inflammation caused by yeast (candida), externally and internally to your body.
    2. Get apple cider vinegar RAW. I would recommend the one from a company called Bragg’s which is about $6 dollars. Take 2 tablespoons of it the moment you wake up from bed and before you go to sleep. It helps encourage the growth of healthy bacteria, which in turn minimizes the overgrowth of candida and balances your body’s pH level.
    3. Eat lots of leafy Green Veg’s every time you are hungry.
    4. Get probiotics supplement which cost about 20-30 dollars. Use as directed

    You will kill or get the yeast (candida) under control if you stick this for a few days and it will expunge the pain and symptoms. I can tell you from personally experience I have done this but remember it requires effort on your part.

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