He had to stop breastfeeding and feel so guilty?

December 23rd, 2012 by Emily

question? had to stop breastfeeding and feel very guilty was strictly breastfeeding my 2 weeks old, which was a huge problem for me b / c it ten? into trouble breastfeeding my first child. A continuation? N develop thrush, and as? I started? pumping until Ahab? b / c it was very inc? way. Well, now I’m trying to place it back and chest? L yells and walks away. As? I s? was going to keep pumping. Should I feel guilty for giving pumped breast milk? ? Any ideas? Greatest answer: Response

No. Many moms feel guilty when they stop breastfeeding because it’s the baby? S food is supposed to have, and when you take away from them, sometimes thing you can easily feel like a failure. I sent? With the same and I nurse my 5 month old daughter. At least? Ly STILL? With breastfed and that’s what matters. Do not give up and keep doing what you feel as a mom who has raz? N. Good luck and s? what you est? feeling.

? Ade your own answer in the comments!

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13 Comments on “He had to stop breastfeeding and feel so guilty?”

  1. mac says:

    you do whatever you need to do to make sure you and comfortable and your son is eating and healthy. if you can try to stick it out a little longer and try breastfeeding…go for it. if not, he will still benefit from your milk in a bottle. and if you aren’t able to keep that up don’t feel guilty for feeding formula. i was adopted, therefore a formula fed baby, and i’m just fine…along with millions of others! most important…your baby is healthy and happy!
    good luck

    ps i did the pumping milk thing for 2 months and it was VERY time consuming. i felt like i was always milking. :)

  2. Jennifer S says:

    NO!!!! I am doing the same thing! My first child, was so demanding at breast feeding that I pumped till I went back to work. My 1st daughter, I just pumped the entire time….. 9months. I have a 5 week old, and pump mostly so other can help feed her and it is working fine! Just remember, your son is getting breast milk. How he gets it should not matter. You can still bond during a bottle feed too! Plus others can have the joy of feeding as well! There is nothing like watching my older children feed their sister :) DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!

  3. momtojullex says:

    Don’t feel guilty for giving him pumped milk! That’s more work than just breastfeeding- good for you!

    My suggestion would be to try to get him to latch when he’s not hungry but wants to suck on something. If you try to get him to latch when he’s hungry, you’ll both end up frustrated and in tears.

    If he’s only 2 weeks old, you can totally get him to latch again. He doesn’t have nipple confusion, he just took a preference to the bottle. He’s still young and not completely set in his ways. A little bit of hard work and he’ll be back at the breast. Keep trying and you’ll both get the hang of it again.

    Sorry you had to deal with thrush :( I haven’t experienced it myself (knock on wood), but I hear it’s no fun.

    I wish you the best of luck, mama!

  4. KαMεRσN’s MσMmY says:

    I pump instead of breast feed for my 4 week old.. I hated breast feeding for some reason but I still wanted him to have the benefits of breast milk. Don’t feel guilty & you are definitely not alone. All that matters is that your baby is getting breast milk! Who cares how he gets it.. you are doing what is best for your child & you’re doing great!

  5. Mummy to one says:

    Not at all! He is still getting the best form of milk and that is yours!!
    So many other mums would have given up by now! including me!
    just keep offering him your breast, he will just be not used to your nipple, he should get used to it if you keep offering.
    Don’t feel guilty, your doing the best you can in an awful situation!

  6. Flo says:

    No you shouldn’t feel guilty. You sound like you’re thinking about what’s best for your son so what’s wrong with that? Just hold him and talk to him while he drinks his bottle just as you would if he were nursing.

  7. mouse_726 says:

    I pumped and gave breastmilk in a bottle to my twins for 10 months. It is what worked for us. Do NOT feel guilty about it. You are doing what works for you and your baby.

  8. conscientieux says:

    I felt extremely guilty when I stopped BF. I think that had a lot to do with why I developed postpartum depression.

    I started with supplementing my son with formula because of jaundice, and I was part time BF until my son was about 2 months old and then I just gave up.

    I think it was one of my biggest mistakes with parenting him so far. :(

    But you know what, you are still giving him breastmilk, so you’re good to go!

  9. jojom says:

    Do not feel guilty! At least you are trying! And you are doing what is best for your son also! Just keep doing what you need to do to keep your son happy and healthy! Congratulations, by the way!

  10. missy m says:

    Whether pumped or directly from the breast, you are still providing the best nutrition for your baby! When feeding you baby the pumped milk be sure to hold him close to your bare breasts, and maybe leave a bit of expressed milk on the nipple for him to smell. Try to slip away the bottle during feeding, and give him the breast again. Keep up the good work! Don’t feel guilty he loves you regardless!

  11. aljea says:

    I had to do the same thing because me and my baby had every feeding problem in the book. I didn’t feel guilty about pumping because at least my baby was getting breastmilk. You should try to get him back on the breast though maybe contact a lactation consultant. The reason because many people find by about 4-8 months their supply disappears.
    It may help to put sugar water on your breasts to begin feeding him. Or it may help to use a nipple shield until he gets used to the idea of a breast. Just don’t use it too long because it isn’t enough stimulation. It may help to pump first a little before feeding on the breast that a way you are letting down and it is easy for him to feed from them. Also, when bottle feeding, use bottles that are like the breast, such as Avent, breastflow, playtex, etc (ya know wide nipples), also be sure the nipple is the smallest you can get so he really has to suck from them. Make him work for the bottle like he does the breast, meaning tease the nipple on his nose and make him have to root for it like he would a breast. If your baby cant stand water try putting only water in the bottle so he wont want it.
    Whatever you do, DONT PUSH the breast or he will absolutely hate the breast. Just try it each feeding but if he screams dont force him.

  12. Brit says:

    I stopped nursing my daughter at 2 weeks. I felt so guilty but i realized she was still in my arms while i was feeding her a bottle. So we still bonded, and you know I don’t think she will hate me for it. :)

  13. ladybug says:

    You shouldn’t feel guilty for giving him breastmilk, regardless of the method. You can’t help how you feel though. Been there.
    Pumping will get more difficult though. Especially around the end of the second month. I think I would continue to try to get him to nurse, but in a very “pressure free” kind of way. Do it when he’s not to the point of crying for food yet (like he’s not hungry but won’t turn down a snack).
    Be sure to get the milk flowing before he gets to the nipple so he doesn’t have to work so hard for that taste.
    If he latches for even a second, you might try compressing your breast so that it’s less work for him. (look up compression feeding http://www.4woman.gov/breastfeeding/index.cfm?page=228 )

    Maybe let him try using you as a pacifier. Maybe snuggle topless either sitting up or lying on your side with him. Anything to encourage a “liking” to the nipple again.

    Oh yeah….DON’T use anything other than slow flow nipples when you bottle feed. If the bottle is easier than the breast, why would he choose the harder meal?

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