help with my daughter’s thrush (in her mouth) till she sees her doctor?

November 20th, 2011 by Emily
thrush mouth symptoms
by Ikayama

Question: help with my daughter’s thrush (in her mouth) till she sees her doctor?
my daughter is 2. she started developing symptoms of thrush yesterday. i’ve prefabricated her appt with the physician (thursday, couldn’t do it any sooner). i know she will probably be place on medicine to get rid of it. i was just wondering if anyone out there had any ideas for easing the anguish and making sure none of my other kids get it.
i have 3 kids and have never had to deal with thrush before so i don’t know too much about it. i know to clean the things that go in her mouth with bleach water. should i be doing this to the cups she uses? she doesn’t use sippy cups, just regular plastic cups with no special lids or anything. she also sucks her thumb if that’s of any importance. any advice is appreciated. thanks!
can kids get it from animals?

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Answer by dee
dont let her drink milk it makes it worse so i would give her clear fluids dont let any animals lick on her face if you have one that how my son got it

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3 Comments on “help with my daughter’s thrush (in her mouth) till she sees her doctor?”

  1. angel says:

    i wouldnt wait until you talk to a doctor. when i talked to a nurce one time she told me i didnt have to use nystatin she told me to use vilot something go to a pharmisist at walgreens and tell then that you want an over the counter medicine for thrash and its vilot something k. it works so much better when i used nystatin man i couldnt get the thrush out she had it for like 2 3 months and i used the viliot stuff and it was gone in a couple days and hasnt returned since. its purple and it does stain it will stain her little mouth purple but i would rather her have a purple mouth than keep on getting the other stuff they tried 2 different stuff for thrash for my daughter.

  2. Speed Demon says:

    there isnt much you can do until she gets on antibiotics, drink anything but milk and since shes two maybe even popsicles.

  3. MommyM says:

    Gentian Violet is the purple stuff mentioned by the other poster.
    scroll down to the bottom of this link for instructions on how to administer it to your child

    It is an antifungal that works as well as Nystatin but is non-prescription and costs about $2. It will dye your child’s mouth purple for a little while though.

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