Home remedies for disease? N mic? Policies oral (thrush?)?

November 18th, 2011 by Emily

Question : Home Remedies for infections mic? Policies oral (thrush ?)? I went to get a second drilling? N in the language a week ago … I had a couple of slips with aftercare. . I baby? Beer and products l? Dairy later? s to receive the drilling? n.Yo s? this was a mistake and I believe I can get an infection? No oral yeast. The drilling? N is? N a tiny tender (s? It ten? A pain for 3 d? As with the first drilling? N) and I have white spots (as a kind of pel dapple in some places) in my language.? anyone know alg? n good home cure for oral yeast infections? I’m out of town and not ready to see a m? Physician for a week (without card m insurance? And no extra money for co-payment). Any help or advice be? To appreciated! Greatest answer : Answer

B vitamin c? capsules of garlic. Then Acidophilus by tomorrow.

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5 Comments on “Home remedies for disease? N mic? Policies oral (thrush?)?”

  1. Nikki S says:

    Orange juice in the morning. Gargle, and swish around hydrogen peroxide at night.

  2. HerbGirl44 says:

    1 drop ONLY of each of the essential oils of Tea Tree and Lavender in 1/2 cup water. shake it or stir to distribute and rinse like a mouth wash. Spit it out. Do not swallow it.

    Tea Tree fights fungal infections and lavender is antimicrobial and heals wounds

  3. anoosha f says:

    Best thing is Bicarbonate of soda……You can use it neat or as a gargle a few times a day..

  4. Roji says:

    I don’t have any idea about your problem. However, I came across a blog about yeast infection. Hope you find your answer there.

    Resources for Yeast Infection Causes, Cures, Symptoms, Treatment, Remedies:

  5. Walt D says:

    Healthy Trinity in the cooler at the health food store.

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