home remedies for yeast infections?

October 2nd, 2011 by Emily

Question: home remedies for yeast infections?
I’ve had at least one yeast infection per month. I’m suffering from one now and my vulva is terribly burning and uncomfortably itchy. I’m just wondering what some home remedies are or anything that I can use that will soothe it for the night and time being.

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Plain yogurt. It really works!

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3 Comments on “home remedies for yeast infections?”

  1. 1 2 3 says:

    1. see your doc first.

    2, tea tree oil does wonders !! I know it is always said not to apply blah blah blah…try witch hazel too and calendula cream.

  2. Patrick M says:

    putting yogurt into your vagina is not going to help at all. it may actually give you a bacteria infection.


    go to your doctor please and keep using monostat or whatever women use. im a guy i dont know what doctors recommend but i know that the doctor will know what to do.

    this may not be a simple yeast infection. this may be anything from an STD to a yeast infection that never truly went away. you might need to get on a pill that kills the fungus

  3. Nitram says:

    yep, as you’ve been told go to a doctor and if you have a sexual partner you also need to treat him at the same time.

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