Honey is effective in alleviating the s? Symptoms of infection? N of yeast?

August 13th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Is it effective in relieving honey s? Symptoms of infection? No Yeast ? I have it? Do that honey can be used as a home cure to relieve the itching? N caused by fungal infections, as anti-fungal properties. However, s? that honey is rich in az? car, which is what feeds the yeast. It seems that she herself anulan.Me wondering if anyone has tried either putting directly into the vagina, or eating. ? Le Ayud? any, or what is worse? Greatest answer :

? you serious?

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One Comment on “Honey is effective in alleviating the s? Symptoms of infection? N of yeast?”

  1. Acal says:

    DON’T put sugary substances around or inside your vagina! I have never heard of this remedy, it doesn’t sound very accurate. A good at home remedy for yeast infections is to eat yogurt, not the flavored kind, the plain kind. Or you could just run up to your drug store and get vagisil or something to relieve the itching.

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