How can I cure a yeast infection in my dog’s ear?

April 23rd, 2013 by Emily
natural cure yeast infection
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Question: How can I cure a yeast infection in my dog’s ear?
I have a shih tzu who has chronic yeast infections in his ear. The vet isn’t helping. The infection keeps coming back. What are some natural remedies I could try?

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Answer by Queen of Night
you need to get an earwash from the neighborhood pet store and wash out her ears everyday.

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11 Comments on “How can I cure a yeast infection in my dog’s ear?”

  1. mauveme49 says:

    The correct medication from the vet… There are no home remedies…

  2. Harriet says:

    my bio teacher in 11th grade told me If I ever get a yeast infection to just put greek yogurt on my vagina and it will sort itself out. Try putting yogurt on your dog’s vagina.

  3. Bonzie12 says:

    the vet can’t do too much with chronic yeast infections except treat them when the occur (that’s why it’s called chronic). You won’t find anything that will cure it completely.

  4. Dog Section Regular says:

    Find another Vet.

    You can’t “cure” yeast infections, you can TREAT them. That’s why it seems to come back, it never completely goes away.

    Try giving a pro-biotic – You can get one from the Vet that’s excellent, I personally recommend it. PLAIN yogurt can help, too. But don’t expect miracles.

  5. sisu says:

    Zymox Otic with hydrocortisone is an enzyme treatment. It treats yeast and bacterial infections. Available online without a prescription.
    Feeding a grain free food also helps.
    Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Taste of the Wild, Canidae grain free, Wellness Core are some good brands.
    Eliminate grain in treats.

  6. Jenny Manyteeth says:

    Stop all carbohydrates in her diet: the yeast needs carbs to eat. If you starve them, they won’t come back. But the dog cannot ever go back to eating carbs.

    Continue with whichever rinses etc you think help. I always used Panalog RX ointment.

  7. cocacola says:

    Id try and diff Vet.

  8. Dogzzz says:

    What Sisu said… Zymox is WONDERFUL, and has just been made available to be carried by local pet shops. After the Zymox Otic has cleared up the infection, switch to regular cleaning with Zymox cleaner, and it should prevent further yeast infections from occurring.

    While corn and wheat are probably the main culprets in causing this kind of crap, a small percentage of dogs react to flax seed the same. If you eliminate all corn and wheat (in food, treats and table food… no bread or pasta!) and your dog still has issues, switch to a grainless food without flax, also.

  9. ? says:

    Does you dog also lick his/her paws. Is he/she older than 2 years? If so, than your dog may have a food allergy. The most prominent symptoms can include chronic ear infections and paw licking. Having said this it is important you understand that this is not a matter of switching brands, it is a matter of the protein they ingest. Most dog foods consist of beef, chicken, pork, and lamb and are a common cause of allergy triggers. Ideally to definitively diagnose a food allergy, you must start a food trial. There are options, however, as to going about this. One is novel proteins, these consist of duck, rabbit, deer, etc., proteins that your dog does not ingested regularly. The second is a diet such as z/d by science diet, the protein in this diet is broken down to the point that triggering an allergic response is minimal or obsolete. Once you have chosen your diet you must keep them on this diet for at least 6 weeks and nothing but this diet. If you do not notice any change then it may not be food, if you do, then the idea is to reintroduce isolated sources of protein to determine what it is that produces an allergic response. Solving this will take care of the underlying cause of the ear infections.

  10. qrtrhorse2000 says:

    chronic yeast infections are very common in certain breeds (floppy ears). when they don’t improve its usually due to the actual treatment, diet or allergies. vets need to look at a sample from the ear to determine if its bacteria or yeast. different meds for each kind. none of them are a treatment for both bacteria and yeast. quick run down: it is normal for yeast to be on the skin or in ears of dogs in small numbers. many things cause the pH in the ear/skin to change which makes a great environment for yeast to replicate. yeast likes warm, moist and dark environments. after determining what kind of infection then the right medication should be given. with ear infections the ears need to be cleaned with a pH controlling, drying yet mild cleaning solution. this should come from the vet as well, some people like to get it at pet stores. the ingredients in the commercial cleaners are inappropriate for ears and can cause infections to worsen. the ears are cleaned with an appropriate cleaner daily to remove build up, debris and left over ointment. it will dry the ear and any excess fluid, then changes the pH. ointments are put in the ear once or twice daily for 7 to 10 days, usually works great. some will be chronic and won’t completely go away. at that point the vet should add oral meds (antifungal or antibiotic). each time it comes back something different should be done or added. cleaning, ointment, pills, steroids, injections, benadryl, diet change, allergy testing and lots more can be done. a food trial will be established as well while they are still on meds. takes 4 to 6 weeks to see an improvement if food caused. lots of options, even surgery (deep clean or total ear canal ablation: TECA) so the answer of you will never get rid of it is not true.

    if your vet does the same treatment over and over, doesn’t change anything and doesn’t determine cause, thats when i suggest going for a second opinion. they can and should be treated and cured. Good luck, hope this helps!

  11. Skyangel says:

    Try this homemade ear cleaner. It has just been a miracle to my dogs when I found it. They don’t get ear infections anymore. The ingredients are all available from a pharmacy without a prescription. Mix them in a 8 oz. bottle that had an applicator tip (like a hair coloring bottle from Sally Beauty Supply. Try to get one that has measurement lines on the outside). I would make some up and use it every day when you see your dog scratching their ear or if it smells or has discharge. Squirt some in and massage the ear canal well. When is cleared up, use it weekly for prevention. Try to trim any hair from the opening in the ear to help air get to it.

    6 oz. isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol (try to get the 91% alcohol )
    1 ½ teaspoons boric acid powder
    **Mix well until the powder dissolves**
    add 2 oz. white vinegar, then add one teaspoon of Betadine antiseptic
    **shake well now and every time before using**

    Also go read the ingredients panel on your dog food as grain allergies (grains with gluten, similar to celiac disease in a human) might be contributing to yeast overgrowth and ear infections. Most vets were not trained in pet nutrition and will recommend popular foods (or the Science D*** they sell) but not tell you to eliminate grains. Check these sites to understand good dog foods:

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