How can I discuss ways in which Hardy presents personal relationships in The Darkling Thrush and In Tenebris I?

March 10th, 2014 by Emily

Question: How can I discuss ways in which Hardy presents individualized relationships in The Darkling Thrush and In Tenebris I?
Maybe just a few points, it doesn’t have to be in structured form but I wouldn’t mind :) Other than the ways he presents individualized relationships in both poems, it also includes references to his poetic methods and the effects.

I just really wanna thank you in advance!

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Answer by Reckoner
I haven’t studied the poems but from glancing I’d state they both have strong themes of hope, or deficient thereof. In both the writer has tiny or no hope which is represented through pathetic fallacy (weather reflecting mood) and other figurative imagery, also sibilance in the first 3 lines of the Darkling Thrush adds a whispery effect to emphasise the cold and emptiness before the Thrush sings.

However, in Tenebris, Hardy implies that the first loss of a person/relationship struck him so hard that he will never be injured by one again, as the first rendered him so emotionally numb that he is unable to feel at all ‘But, since it once hath been,No more that severing scene Can harrow me. ‘ etc, whereas in The Darkling Thrush, even though the writer has no hope at all, he is being overwhelmed by the theory that somebody else (the thrush) does, despite all of the grimness around them, To relate that to relationships I suppose you could state that it’s portraying the capability of friends/loved ones to be positive and alter a contagious hope even when you see only gloom. It’s certainly more optimistic than Tenebris, in which the symbol for hope amongst tragedy in The Darkling Thrush (birds) are dead. Tenebris was written after, which perhaps recommends a darkening in his outlook on relationships/hope for their survival.

Apologies if this is useless, I’m no expert.

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