How can I prevent myself from getting thrush?

January 13th, 2014 by Emily

Question: How can I prevent myself from getting thrush?
My elderly roommate got thrush from all the meds that he is on. I am the main one that takes care of him. I give him meds and his food. He is on an antifungal medication also. I just want to know how to prevent me and my boyfriend from getting it. How do you get it from another mortal anyway? I also want to know how I can help not make it any worse for him. Anybody got any food ideas for him too?

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Answer by Sweetness
Well, it’s very easy actually… Glycerin swabs accessible at any pharmacy–rub them on his tongue and all gone. It will instantly get rid of all that thick yeast. And you can’t get it unless you are tongueing him. Oh, and I hope your boyfriend isn’t either.

Peace, hope it helps.


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6 Comments on “How can I prevent myself from getting thrush?”

  1. sassydontpm says:

    Soft foods until the thrush goes away. You can get yeast spores up your nose so be careful breathing around him if you’re right up next to him. They can’t fly thankfully but if you’re up like you’re feeding him or kissing him, you could potentially get it.
    Don’t let him eat breads, beer anything that has yeast already in it or it’ll make the problem worse. It’s not likely you’ll get it but better safe then sorry. Always wash your hands after him and put a teaspoon of bleach in the dishwasher or dishwater when you’re washing dishes he’s used. Is he on medications to help like diflucan?
    Another tip is don’t store your toothbrush next to his, it’s never a good idea to keep them in the bathroom anyway (humid area and breeds bacteria easily). Don’t even share toothpaste. Good luck.

  2. ckm1956 says:

    Thrush is caused by a common yeast that is treated by a medicine such as Diflucan. The normal bacteria in our mouths kill any of the yeast they encounter.

    Thrush usually develops when either a person’s immune system is weak or antibiotics have reduced the normal bacteria in the mouth.

    It’s usually not transmitted from one person to another.

    Thrush can be painful. Over the counter oral anesthetics, such as Chloraseptic, can help. Cold liquids may also help.

    As long a person’s immune system is relatively normal, proper treatment usually clears it up quickly.

  3. denimsweetguy says:

    I read a lot of books and on female problems like this and learnt a lot like when u get thrush make sure u get lots of hair around there keep it clean never use tampons when u have your period use pads wash your hands dont have too much pubic hairs around there at that time

  4. Slider says:

    Don’t touch around his mouth. I know that sounds crazy but it is not airbourne. It is like aids can only get through spit swapping and wash your hands thouroughly before and after feedings and washing. Wear gloves if you have to and tell him it is for his protection too as well as yours. Be honest.

  5. leahabj says:

    Yogurt helps prevent yeast and you can also buy acidopholus capsules. Thrush is the same thing as a vaginal yeast infection, it’s just in your mouth. As long as you don’t have contact with his mouth, you all should be fine.

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