How can you cure a yeast infection without using medication?

January 1st, 2014 by Emily

Question: How can you cure a yeast infection without using medication?
I think I have some of the signs — my discharge is coming out clumpy. How would i naturally cure it? What type of water should I bathe in (warm, cold, hot, lukewarm) and how many times a day should I wash down there?

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Answer by Love Juh Bo0
unless u want to do the old spoonful of plain yogurt down there trick like my cousin did..

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2 Comments on “How can you cure a yeast infection without using medication?”

  1. Little M says:

    If you are not experiencing itching, you do not have a yeast infection, but if you are having the itching also use an over the counter cream. You can also try putting a tablespoon of regular plain yogurt in your vagina at night. Bath regular, and don’t wash yourself to much, as this will cause a bacterial infection.

    Good luck

  2. courtttt says:

    a yeast infection DOES itch.. and it burns! the first couple of days i was okay, then the 3rd or 4th day of it, i was in SO much pain i couldn’t move without irritating it! i was a terrible experience. i wanted to cry..
    i would highly reccommend getting an over the counter treatment kit. it gets rid of it SO fast and gives you a cream for the itching and burning. it’s normally cured within a couple of days after you start treating it.
    it also helps to be eating plenty of yogurt! yogurt promotes the good bacteria in your vaginal walls that fights off the bad bacteria (such as a yeast infection)

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