How do doctors test women for vaginal infections?

October 12th, 2013 by Emily

Question: How do physicians test women for vaginal infections?
So I might have a yeast infection or something else, so I’m gonna go to the ob/gyn but I’m nervous cause I’m a virgin. How do they test you, what do they do? I know pap smears are only for cervical cancer, so what do they do when testing for vaginal infections? Swab your discharge? Swab your inner walls? Thanks

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Answer by mother of 2
The dr. will do a swab of your vaginal fluid. It will not touch your cervix. Try not to worry.

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2 Comments on “How do doctors test women for vaginal infections?”

  1. Susiecat says:

    They usually examine you internally (with the speculum ) and take a swab of the discharge.
    They usually do look at the vaginal walls – the appearance can sometimes indicate what type of infection you have.
    But the swab will confirm this.
    It is a littlle uncomfortable, but tell the gyno that you are nervous and they will use a small speculum which helps opens the vaginal lips -so they can visualize what is going on “down there”

  2. gypsykitty says:

    My 16 year old daughter had a possible vaginal infection and they did use the speculum to check her.
    They used a very small speculum she said it was just a little uncomfortable.
    She said the doctor talked to her and described what he was doing and was very gentle.

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