how do i begin a yeast free diet?

March 31st, 2014 by Emily

Question: how do i start a yeast free diet?
My 3 yr old daughter has severe eczema and her allergist has just discovered that she has a yeast allergy. I have tried searching for information on how to start this huge change in our intake habits. I found lots of recipes (anyone know if they are any good?) but I still feel lost on how to take the first steps. I am also having a hard time finding answers to some of my questions. So, my questions are:

1) first of all, any good website recommendations on getting started (all i can find are websites for women trying to lose weight)

2) If yeast dies at high temperatures then why do we still need to stay away from baked bread and other baked items?

3) How do I know if something contains yeast? Will it be on the label?

Well, im pressed for time and so those are my questions for now. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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Answer by Nome
3) Anything that rises in pastry or oven bakery contains yeast.
Food suggestions: Eat flat passover bread.

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One Comment on “how do i begin a yeast free diet?”

  1. giantsteps says:

    Starting a yeast free diet can seem quite tough at first. My husband has Candida overgrowth and he has to start a yeast free diet next week. We’ve been planning for a while and here’s some things I’ve learned from my research. I understand your question about baked goods. I’m not quite sure how to answer your question. I wonder if you’re daughter’s eczema is because of Candida overgrowth because yeast overgrowth has been linked to eczema. If it is she won’t have to be on the diet permanently, only for a little over a month.

    To prepare for the diet we’re cutting all yeast promoting foods out of our meals. That means we’re not eating any sugar of any kind, white starches like white flour, white rice, and potatoes, and store bought fermented foods like vinegar, pickles and most condiments. I’m planning on cooking most things from scratch.

    Since your dealing with a yeast intolerance and not Candida overgrowth I think you just have to make sure to avoid yeast and not foods that feed yeast. Look for yeast extract and citric acid on food labels. You should also avoid foods that can be contaminated with yeast. Some dried spices may contain yeast as does coffee and teas but I doubt you’ll be giving your daughter those things. Store bought fermented foods are made with yeast. Yeast can also be found in some dairy products and fruit juices.

    I hope that helps you some.

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