How Do I Cure Oral Thrush or Lichen Planus?

October 9th, 2011 by Emily

Question: How Do I Cure Oral Thrush or Lichen Planus?

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Answer by WrinkleFree
An oral solution of nystatin prescribed by your physician will clear it up. If you are looking for a natural remedy, you’ll probably need to do a whole body detox program by eliminating all sugars, carbs, and wheat from your diet. The program could take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on how systemic it is.

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4 Comments on “How Do I Cure Oral Thrush or Lichen Planus?”

  1. Janet C says:

    Hopefully this is something that you are experiencing, not an infant. For an adult, I would suggest seeing a physician. I know, it’s a pain, but the alternative is not much more fun. Thrush is a yeast infection in the throat. If you stop eating sugar and sweets for a while, it should clear on its own. If you have difficulty with that, you might want to see a doctor, because it’s not just in the throat, it’s throughout the body. L-lysine is very good for yeast infections, it returns your body to an alkaline balance. Drinking a glass of Apple Cider Vinegar and honey will also help the itchy symptoms of Thrush. Take one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and one teaspoon of honey in a 6 oz glass of water. Drink this slowly, you should feel some immediate relief. These two treatments can be taken simultaneously with no ill effects. Garlic capsules can also be taken with the same dosage and frequency as the L-lysine capsules that I’ve included below.

    Best of luck and I hope this helps. The L-lysine and the garlic should be taken: two capsules the first morning, one at lunch, dinner and at bedtime for relief, then one 4 times a day as described above until 10 days is over. The maximum you should take this is for 10 days.

  2. amancalledxtreme says:

    Homeopathy a.k.a. Alternative Medicine.

    Lichen planus, which can cause very painful sores, often first appears as a fine, lacy network of white lines inside the cheeks or on the side of the tongue. The cause is not known and while it often clears itself, there is no cure as such.

    Steroids such as corticosteroid are the usual conventional treatment however you can expect considerable improvement with a combined and preferably tailor-made course of homeopathy and nutritional medicine.

    Recommended Homeopathic remedies for Lichen Planus:

    Arsenicum album 30 twice daily when the following skin symptoms :
    abdomen; skin; itching;
    rectum; itching;
    chest; skin; small, purplish spot;
    skin; blisters;
    skin; blisters; after scratching; ;
    skin; swelling; shining;

    Borax 4x twice daily when blisters mostly appear in mouth.

    Sulphur 30 is very commonly indicated homoeopathy medicines for a range of skin disorders including urticaria. It is a true polychrest remedy having influence on various systems of body like skin, stomach, rectum, urinary system, respiratory system, etc. skin is dry, scaly, and unhealthy; every little injury suppurates. Skin ailments are associated with lot of itching and burning that becomes worse on scratching and washing. Itching more in the evening. Skin excoriations especially in folds. Skin becomes dry and hard. Feeling of a band around bones. Skin affections that develop after local medication. This remedy is more suited to thin and weak individuals who are very sensitive to heat. Mentally suited to people who are nearly always irritated and depressed. They are very forgetful. They are either too busy or they dare lazy and do not feel like doing work. Some of them may have a feeling that they are immensely.

    Sulphur 30 twice daily for 15 days; in addition, both zinc which works to support the immune system and a good vitamin B complex may help. The B vitamins are known as nature’s own stress-busters and always work best synergistically when taken together which is why a B complex is often recommended.

  3. dolphinchic says:

    I would try listerine as often as I could think about and see if it does any good…if that is its for you and not a young child.. who may swallow some of it…

  4. James says:

    gargles with hydrogen peroxide usually works, please don’t swallow just rinse gargle and spit out if this is a frequent problem then is systemic a more aggressive treatment will be better. Having this Thrush culture is a good idea to identify it better. To find if it is a yeast like Candida albicans first thing in the morning without washing you’re mouth in a clean glass fill it half way with clear watter and spit in it and let it sit if the saliva forms like strings from the top to the bottom most likely is a yeast

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