how do i get rid of dogs yeast infection?

December 10th, 2010 by Emily
dogs yeast infection
by greenroofgrower

Question: how do i get rid of dogs yeast infection?
we have a pure bread pitt bull who has been scratching for about the last 6 months or so. it’s been getting worse lately; he is to the point where he draws blood from scratching so much and is loosing hair from scratching; his skin is bright red where he has lost hair from this. his ears are also red and irritated. he sometimes cries out when he’s scratching himself because it hurts him. someone told me that their dog had similar problems and that it was yeast infection. she stated that she used a home cure but couldn’t remember exactly what the ingredients were; so what i’m wondering is; what is a home cure for a dog’s yeast infection?

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Answer by pj
First you don’t know that your “pure bred pitbull” has a yeast infection. You need to take him to a vet to find out what is wrong with him. He might be allergic to the food you are feeding him or it could be a number of things. And shame on you for letting your dog be miserable for the last six months.

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4 Comments on “how do i get rid of dogs yeast infection?”

  1. ms manners says:

    What does the vet say?
    What you are describing could be allergies, mange or something else.
    You need testing and a proper diagnosis from the vet, before you attempt any kind of treatment.

    (Why would you allow your dog to suffer like that for six months without taking him in??)

  2. Rosalie says:

    You need to have this dog evaluated by a vet, and perhaps a veterinary dermatologist right away.
    I can give you some clues, though.

    A yeast infection will only occur where it is allowed to by an immune system that is weakened.
    Your dog likely also has a food allergy, which would cause his skin to itch, him to scratch, and the whole situation opened up to things like yeast and staph. you don’t know what that infection is, so don’t treat him with anything.

    You will need to be guided through the process of finding out what your dog CAN eat, without causing an allergic reaction, which can be a very difficult or easy process. Let’s hope you’re lucky, and it’s an obvious allergy. The most common allergens in food are beef, corn, chicken, wheat, soy and dairy, but anyone can be allergic to anything. The name of the game is to feed him one or two things ONLY, and see if those are safe, then go from there. Dont forget that non-food items like bones, chew hooves and rawhides are beef.

    He needs the vet to prescribe something to kill off the secondary infection on his skin – which requires them to do a skin scraping for them to look at under a microscope in order to identify it. You can’t kill yeast with the cure for bacteria, or vice versa – you have to know what you’re trying to kill first. You need the vet.

    It’s necessary to make sure your dog does not have fleas – in which case, with an allergy, there could be very few present and he could still have a reaction. Another thing to identify and kill…

    Speak to your vet about putting your dog on some anti-oxiants and fish oil capsules – but consult your vet first, in case your dog may be prone to pancreatitis. You don’t want to cause a different problem by trying to fix this one-and pancreatitis can kill him.

    You have some serious work to do in order to help your dog. He deserves to get help right away – it should NEVER have gone on for months! Please ask the vet for an appointment as soon as they can fit you in. Nobody should have to live as he has for that long. He needs help.

  3. Frank says:

    If a dog is going to have a yeast infection, it is most likely going to be in her ears. In case your dog have yeast infection in dog ear, it is better to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. In addition for these treatment in dog yeast infection, you need a regular ear cleaning for your dogs.

  4. who m says:

    I agree with the others. The poor dog should have been taken to the vet a long time ago. While I’m all for home remedy for yeast infection, in this instance perhaps it should have been tried 5 months ago.

    Home remedies while effective, usually need some time to see relief, which your dog does not seem to have.

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