How do i get rid of my baby’s tongue thrush?

May 22nd, 2013 by Emily
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Question: How do i get rid of my baby’s tongue thrush?
My son is one month old and I’ve noticed some thrush on his tongue, its not severe, but it seems to be bothering him I just started cleaning his tongue with a wet warm towel and I think it works but is there anything else I can get it rid of faster?

I’m a first time mother by the way so you would comprehend my worries.

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Answer by Jenners
My son got this all the time. I used nystatin. I gave it to him 4 times a day (my doc approved this for him when he was 2 weeks old, might want to check with his doc) .5ml to apiece side of his mouth for 5 days and if that didn’t work my physician told me to bring him in, it worked like a charm for my son! I wish you luck! :)

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3 Comments on “How do i get rid of my baby’s tongue thrush?”

  1. ♥♥umm sarah, moe arrived 11-7-10♥♥ says:

    I would continue with warm wash cloth.

    Also you could get a prescription from your doctor to treat his thrush.

    Are you bottle feeding? If you bottle feeding, then you need to sterilize or even toss some of the bottle nipples. Or pacifiers.

  2. Jenny says:

    My daughter got it when she was first born but we went to the doctors and they told me to go to my local pharmacy and get this stuff call Gentain Violet and use a q tip and dip it in the container and rub it all over their mouth. My doc said to do it once a day but sometimes I did it two times a day. I also washed all my bottles in hot soapy water after every use. If you are breastfeeding you should get some anti fungal cream and rub it in the nipples and wipe it off before you feed the doc told me I could also put the Gentain Violet on my boobs if i didnt mind having purple nipples lol. But I do warn you that the Gentain Violet will turn your babys mouth purple. I just used a bib to keep it from staining her clothes. It does stain if you get it on your clothes.

  3. Swamp_Ratt says:

    Both my dr and my babys dr said gentian violet. It seems wierd to put something in their mouths that advises not to on the bottle but her dr said to paint the inside of her cheeks with just a little bit. He said not to put it on her tongue. And to also paint my nipples with it. Said to do this once every two days. I would wait til she was asleep for the night before I painted my nipples with it so it would have a chance to dry. But when she woke in the mornings of nurse her and she looked like she ate a purple cupcake lol her mouth lips and around her mouth were stained purple for the week I used the stuff. I had yeast infection as well, not too bad, just painful burning letdown. After the third day that cleared up but I continued the treatment on her and me for two more days to be sure it was cleared up. She almost acted silly drunk right after she would nurse from my purple boobs. That stuff does have some alcohol in it. But it worked and dr oked it.

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