How do i tell me mum i have vaginal thrush?

December 3rd, 2012 by Emily

Question: How do i tell me mum i have vaginal thrush?
im 15, never had sex, and i have all the symptoms of thrush, i dont really want to tell my mum about it, so if i leave it will it go away on its own? Please help!

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Answer by Dr. DOLY
you need a treatment and there is nothing shame – many girls have it – ask your mom for treatment – discover all about “trush” which called Yeast Infection in:

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4 Comments on “How do i tell me mum i have vaginal thrush?”

  1. Jenzz says:

    it won’t go away by itself. just call up your doctor and make an appointment if you don’t want to tell her :)

    OH and it’s recommended you only buy over the counter medicine if you’ve had thrush before, and if you’re under 16 they tell you to go to the doctor. so i would make an appointment. or just say…mum i think i have thrush. she’ll be understanding. it isn’t caused by sex

  2. CK says:

    You can buy over the counter tests that’ll tell you if you actually have thrush and over the counter medicine to help fix it. Walgreens pharmacists can help you with it if you don’t want to go to a doctor. They won’t tell your mom and they really just want to help you out.

  3. Diana Hayden says:

    check this site it helps u.
    I think u find your solution here.

  4. Heli says:

    no,it wont go away by itself. Dont be bothered to tell ur mum about ALL , dont forget she is a woman , and once she was a girl ;)
    Ask for therapy , it wont be a big deal , but it wont go away without it .

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